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8th Apr, 2022


Nepal is one of the best travel destinations in the world, rich in diversity, nature, the world's highest mountain, culture, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, World heritage sites. We focus on mainly adventure and trekking in the himalayan region, with various trekking packages in Nepal. While you explore the trekking trail of Nepal, you enjoy the amazing and breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountain, himalayas and discovering rural villages in the high mountain.

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Adventure and nature lovers explore the latest Nepalese trekking route with popular trekking packages in Nepal. You enjoy the fantastic view of the Himalayas of Nepal or rustic villages in the mountains. Some of the world's breathtaking experiences are offered by the trekking trails of Nepal's beautiful country. The Himalayas are profoundly spiritual globally, and here is a rare synthesis of the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Our tours merge these cultural elements with the natural splendor of the Himalayas to provide an authentic and interactive storyline of travel.

Various Trekking Packages in Nepal

In all of Nepal's stunning destinations, the nation has put structures to entertain visitors worldwide interested in various hiking and trekking trails. We provide all trip packages with maximized fun, traveling in Nepal, trekking in Nepal, tours in Nepal, hiking, climbing, or adventure sports with Best Fair Cost All Trip. Info Trekking Nepal is the best Nepal Trekking Package and travel organizer company. We love to introduce our beautiful Nepal to our trekkers.  We let them enjoy our beautiful country as much as we do, more than anything. All of our adventures are about self-discovery and getting away from the annoyances of everyday life. It focuses on a journey that can bring peace of mind and a dramatic change to our lifestyle at Everest Base Camp Trek. Our country has the ability - through a unique experience. It reveals feelings that will stay with you long after your visit, whether you are a thrill-seeking adventure lover or in pursuit of serenity. Nepal Trekking Package will always give humanity a remarkable story of bravery and adventure. To encourage sustainable tourism in Nepal, Info Trekking Nepal organizes various trekking packages in Nepal. We are Nepal's finest trekking and tour operator that organizes fantastic trekking holidays at the most affordable rates. Choose any of these trekking packages and experience an adventure in Nepal.

Everest Trekking Packages in Nepal:

Nepal trek packages provide you with the best Nepal Everest trekking packages at an affordable price. In the Everest area, we have several options for short and long trips. The trails are well-developed, the trekking lodges offer a fantastic range of food, organization, and details. There are three different valleys to discover, each with equally spectacular views. Snowy summits and lovely valleys. Here's a top 5 Everest area trekking package for you if you want to know about Everest. The trek begins at three different places and takes you through the various trekking routes to Everest's multiple villages. Other options will be required to access the Everest base camp directly.

Everest Base Camp Trek Package

One of the most famous and popular trekking packages across the entire Himalayas and undeniably on this globe is the Everest Base Camp trek. The EBC trek is about 12 to 14 days. You can use the helicopter option for short-time trekkers and make a trek for seven days. Kalapatthar at 5,554 meters is the highest elevation you reach.  The sunrise and the spectacular views of the high Mountains are some of the best viewpoints of Everest trekking. Take the lifetime tour and trekking experience in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal is very popular. This journey begins with a short flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. This trek is the best package for Mt Everest's view and makes their dream come true. Read more

Everest Base Camp Cho La Pass Trek Package:

Everest Base Camp through Cho-La Pass is a challenging journey, but even the easiest treks in the Everest area offer you a tinge of high-altitude adventure and high-rise as well as steep paths. Cho-la pass trek is a beautiful adventure trip. It provides spectacular landscape both on camps and during trails. This trail highlights the clear-cut lake on the Himalayas Mount Everest laps. A magnificent view of the snow-capped high mountain range, warm hospitality for highlands, beautiful scenery, and tall green valleys, incredible views, Buddhist culture, untouched lakes. Also, the Unique Sherpa culture, Namche Bazar, and ancient monasteries, this attraction make this trail unforgettable for those who choose this Everest Base camp with Gokyo Cho-la pass trek. Read More

Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek Package:

Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek package: a wonderful and great experience to follow the classic path. The steps of adventurers and renowned mountaineering people.  Since the route to Khumbu and Everest was an early and creative one. The most extended way to reach Everest Base Camp is Jiri to Everest. The Jiri - base camp is a long day trek in the Himalayas and Mountains of the diverse village at high altitudes. This will allow your body to quickly acclimatize in high altitudes, allowing you to reach without high elevation sickness easily. This trek's main aim is to live in extreme places and explore Nepalese nature and culture. It provides a decent opportunity to enjoy the heavily populated medium mountains. The splendor at high altitudes of Khumbu or the Everest area. Read more

Everest Three High Pass Trek Package:

The impressive Three Passes trek Package is by far the most thrilling, satisfying, and demanding trek in the Khumbu region for those with stamina and time. The Everest region gives you three different high Himalayan passes. This trek is a challenging high-altitude trek from Nepal. The tour includes following the most difficult routes with numerous tiny high points of view in the Mount Everest area, such as the Kalapather, Everest Base Camp, and Gokyo Ri mountains. This trek is undoubtedly the ultimate trek for adventure-seeking trekkers in the Everest region. The three-pass trek from Everest gives you more strength to play at high altitudes. This journey begins with a short flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. Read more

Everest Gokyo Lake Trek Package:

Everest Gokyo Lake Trek Package, leading to a series of high glacial blue lakes, is arguably one of the best in Nepal. With scenery every bit as stunning as that on the Everest base camp trek, but with far fewer crowds. Gokyo Trek is a magnificent journey to the tempting lakes of Gokyo. It is among the most spectacular views from Mt. Everest and other nearby mountain peaks. Another attraction of this trekking trail is the view of the enormous ice ridge between Gyachung and Cho Oyu located in this region. During the Everest Gokyo trek, you can also get a glimpse of the lifestyle and culture of the Sherpa people. Also, the prominent residents of this region are famous for mountaineering in the world. The adventurous Everest Gokyo lake trek starts with a scenic flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. Read more

Annapurna Trekking Package in Nepal:

This is another popular trekking package in Nepal after Everest. The Annapurna trek is a breathtaking portion of Nepal's all-perfect Himalayan Mountains. This package offers endless spectacular views, fascinating culture, and numerous natural wonders. The tour is also a paradise. The Annapurna Trekking Packages are part of the northern Pokhara City district. Annapurna Packages combine a large number of incredibly diverse landscapes with stunning mountainous areas and lowland regions. Trekking around Annapurna is a paradise for numerous magnificent mountain views and marvels of Mother Nature and a natural sanctuary of beautiful animals and birds. Here are some of the best Annapurna trekking packages in Nepal are as follows:

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Package:

Annapurna Base Camp Trek, One of Nepalese's best trek Package, gives a clear understanding of the rustic mountains of the Himalayas. A great trek for those who want to visit a beautiful Himalayan mountain amphitheater. This ABC Trek is also an elevation climb. It can boost the hiking or off-peak season to those concerned with altitudes. You can see the Annapurna region's beautiful mountains. Like Annapurna Mountain, Mount Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre Mountain, and Himchuli Mountain, amongst others at a height of over 8000 meters. ABC Package is without a doubt one of the most advanced trekking routes for untimely and beginners. This area is renowned for its varied landscapes, lovely mountain scenery, rich traditions, and culture. Read more

Annapurna Circuit Package:

The Circuit Trek in Annapurna is one of the most classic trek packages in the city of Nepal. The round tour around Annapurna certainly is not like walks in the park – you can certainly test yourself by stretching your bounds mentally and physically. The wonderful trek takes thousands of trekkers to Nepal during each trekking season. The Annapurna Trek will take you to the different spectacular low-level and high-level sceneries. We can take a walk in the lush green valleys and discover fascinating snow-covered villages of the white Himalayans behind. This Package provides a wide variety of trekking trails where you can gather as many memories as you want. Read more

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek Package:

Poon Hill Trek Package in Nepal's selected short, pleasant, and convenient trek to see the gross Himalayas and sunrise, as well as the sunset. You can do this Poon Hill walk 3-7 days from now, as requested. This trekking package is shorter than the previously mentioned treks. To introduce you to the traditional towns of Gurung and the settlers of Magar. Along the way, you cross the blossoms of Rhododendron, particularly Spring. You can get to see Annapurna from Poon Hill and have an exciting view of the sunrise. This low-altitude trek is a popular alternative for hikers looking for a shorter taste of Nepal's hiking culture. The path is not nearly as distant as many walks, but there are still spectacular views from Poon Hill. Read more

Langtang Trekking Package in Nepal:

Langtang Trek is also another popular trekking package in Nepal. This trekking is one of the capital's closest hiking locations. This Trekking is less trekked than Everest Trek and Annapurna Trek. The blend of natural beauty and high cultural diversity provides a rare experience. Langtang Package takes us to Kyajing Gumpa Valley, Langtang Valley, and holy Gosaikunda. It is both open and rich in history stunning geological structures and striking weather to explore Langtang Circuit Trek's area. They are making it a must-visit for anyone who wants a slice of the Mountain to live without having to waste too much time exploring it. Langtang region enhances a Tamang village settlement, and Tamangs have their distinctive cultural traditions and can provide most tourists with a friendly experience. Some of the popular Langtang Trekking Packages are as follows:

Langtang Valley Trek Package: 

Langtang Valley Trek Package is one of the most popular trekking areas in Nepal's Himalayas for those wanting to have a short trek. This Trek was deeply inspired by the Tibetan way of life, with Tibetan local inhabitants. Rhododendron styles, magnificent waterfalls, forests of bamboo, snow-capped mountains, and hair landscapes allow you to experience a wide variety of activities. It provides the chance to visit the second largest national park in Nepal. Trek to Langtang is a journey of a lifetime that all explorers can recall for years to come. Langtang trek offers a fair chance to observe local culture and rituals in Tamang villages. The tour begins from Kathmandu and ends. Read more

Langtang Gosainkunda Trek Package:

Gosainkunda Trekking package provides a stunning view of the mountains and the giant freshwater lakes. Walking in the woods and country villages has a mountainous geographical layout. In Hindu and Buddhist, Gosainkunda Trek does have its unique religious significance. According to the Hindu myth, Lord Siva has drawn holy water by throwing his trigger into the Mountain to refresh himself after swallowing poison, thereby creating the lake. This Valley and its villages on the Laurebinayak Lake and the terraced hillside make Langtang Gosainkunda trekking one of the most suitable places for excursions to the Hindus and Buddhism. Gosainkunda is a spiritually significant place for the Hindus and the Buddha. Read more

Tamang Heritage Trail Package:

This Tamang Heritage Trail Package is a fantastic Himalayan Hike, which offers tourists lovely scenery and offers real mountain people opportunities to experience. It provides you with a golden opportunity to analyze the country's stunning scenery. This Heritage Trail is a beautiful trek that will make you feel the best of all, including the farmer's lovely view, green countryside, dense forest, Langtang peak, and Ganesh Himal. This trek is the right way to celebrate Mother Nature's devotion. Tamang Heritage Trek contains the lush mid-mountain villages of Nepal and the rich culture of the locals. The trail's incredible views encourage you to take some great pics and make plenty of cultural exchanges with the locals. Read more

Nepal Trekking FAQ

Which route is perfect for me?

Trekking is a challenge in Nepal, but a worthwhile one. It is necessary to find out which route is more appropriate for your climbing style. Everest's paths present a more significant physical challenge and start higher in the mountains. At the same time, the trails of Annapurna provide you with better insight into the shade of these peaks. Our recommendation: do both of them!

What kind of food can we have?

To make it to the top, you will need resources, and our cooks will make sure you have a steady supply of safe, high-quality hiking fuel. All the necessary supplies, including fresh produce, are carried by our team of porters. Meals are a blend of local and foreign cuisine, and although it is almost always possible to accommodate special requests and dietary requirements, it's a good idea to let us know in advance.

What is the best time for trekking in Nepal?

The spring and autumn seasons in Nepal can be regarded as the best time for trekking. The most famous time to trek in Nepal is from October to November. The climate is clear, and the mountains have a fantastic view since it is the post-monsoon period. The second most popular time is from March to May. There is warmer weather with good visibility during this pre-monsoon season. Besides, it is also possible to do short tea house treks during the winter season. We advise you guys not to make trek preparations as far as possible during the monsoon and winter. Choose a trekking package in Nepal according to your best time.

Do I need Travel Insurance for Trekking in Nepal?

We strongly suggest you should get travel insurance while trekking in Nepal. Travel insurance protects you while you are trekking if anything happens. It may be a cancellation of journey, disruption or delays medical accident and illness, stolen, lost, destroyed, delayed luggage, and emergency evacuation.

What are the essential items to be packed for trekking in Nepal?

  • Basic layers
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Outer Jacket
  • Big or medium-sized backpack, and a side bag for extras
  • Bottle of water
  • Sun's Hat
  • Hot cap
  • A few pairs of trekking pants
  • Rain Coat (essential for the monsoon months)
  • Robust trekking shoes and a couple of floaters
  • Flashlights
  • UV protection glasses
  • Thermal socks
  • Sunscreens

Info Trekking Nepal offers mentioned above and other trekking packages in Nepal. Travel with us to experience authentic Nepal with packages where nature, culture, and adventure are perfectly blended to please you to the fullest, having gathered years of experience. The organization is the key when it comes to traveling in Nepal, the journey can often prove difficult, and this is where our expert logistic abilities are used.

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