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Why you should trek to Nepal

4th Dec, 2020



There are many reasons which would encompass why you should trek to Nepal. Nepal: The country where guests are treated as God incarnate, the country blessed with the exquisite Himalayas, the country home to numerous flora and fauna encompassing the rare ones, the country with exotic lakes, spectacular landscape and what not.  Nepal has always been one of the most prioritized countries to visit. Furthermore, it happens to be the ultimate destination for trekking.

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The imposing Himalayas of Nepal manages to allure thousands of national and international visitors every year to its arena. Correspondingly, Nepal trekking made possible by the mountains in Nepal is a gigantic entity that acts as a magnet to draw people in the periphery of the magnificent Himalayas.

When it comes to nature, it won’t be a lie to say, Nepal boasts a slight bit of everything. Along with Mt. Everest- one of the most legendary creations of Nature- Nepal possesses other top mountains as well.  Nepal flaunts 8 among the top 10 tallest peaks in the world. Those to make this list are:

  • Mt. Everest (8848 meters)
  • Mt. Kanchenjunga (8586 meters)
  • Mt. Lhotse (8516 meters)
  • Mt. Makalu (8485 meters)
  • Mt. Cho Oyu (8188 meters)
  • Mt. Dhaulagiri (8167 meters)
  • Mt. Manaslu (8163 meters)
  • Mt. Annapurna I (8091 meters)

These mountains in Nepal make a massive number of adventurers across the globe arrive here for the Nepal trek. Trekking in Nepal is something that can be exploited heavily. For this, Nepal trekking should be profoundly advertised while maintaining the probity of trekking and culture in Nepal.

Trekking brings people closer to nature. It gives them a break from their frantic schedule and makes them appreciate the world that we live in. It appeases a worrisome soul and provides him/her with a new outlook on life. There’s a reason trekking to Nepal is becoming more and more popular. Follow this post till the end to comprehend why.

The gorgeous panoramas of the almighty mountains in Nepal, the sight of the luxuriant forest, the feeling of having conquered the Himalayas and the reverence that comes with it, encountering the rare flora and fauna, the exquisite sunrise and sunset, the marvelous lakes at high altitude, cross-culture with locals, the breathtaking landscapes etcetera brings people to trekking in Nepal Himalayas.

 Trekking in Nepal Himalayas will offer you the mind-blowing views that you will reminisce about your entire life.  Nepal trekking can just be the ideal adventure for spiritual cleansing.


Nepal exhibits the most gorgeous lakes and majestic peaks that can render an individual speechless. For voyagers seeking natural scenery, Nepal provides marvelous lakes of all sorts. Some of the popular lakes of Nepal areTilicho lake (one of the highest altitude lakes), Rara Lake, Gosaikunda Lake, and Shey-Phoksundo Lake (the deepest lake in Nepal) etcetera. These lakes are soothing and refreshing that once it’s on your site, you simply don’t want to leave. 

The rich culture of Nepal is another reason that motivates people to visit it. Along with the geographic diversity, the cultural divergence of Nepal is beyond magical. One of the other prime reasons Nepal is anointed as one of the top countries to visit is the cultural heterogeneity existing here and what’s even more interesting is the intriguing backstory of each culture. 

Different attributes like dance form, folktales, religion, music, art, songs, language, food, dress etcetera vary with a distinct culture. Eclectic i.e. ranging from Stupas to Temples to Gumbas to Masjids, Nepal is a common home to all these sacrosanct as well as absolute beauty. Lord Buddha: The founder of the Buddhist religion, was born in Lumbini, Nepal making it culturally and historically appealing.

Birthplace of Buddha

Among the category of the world’s most popular and significant spiritual sites, lies Lumbini. Lumbini is where Lord Buddha was born. This historically and culturally alluring spiritual place draws many Buddhist pilgrims from the entire world.

Lumbini is graced with holy Mayadevi Gardens, and Buddhist monasteries assembled by various countries.  Prince Siddhartha – Lord Buddha was born in Mayadevi temple. Even the exact spot has been identified. The infant Prince Siddhartha is said to have taken 7 steps right after his birth.

The Ashoka Pillar erected by Ashoka- The great Indian Emperor, is another attraction of Nepal.  The yoga and meditation center like Panditarama Vipassana Center brings utter peace and harmony to the visitors, so be sure to give this a shot.

Exotic wildlife in Nepal

Even though Nepal is a small country, it is very natural and culturally blessed. Apart from the mountain ranges, lakes,  and culture, another reason to visit Nepal properly while Trekking in Nepal is the exotic wildlife it boasts. Nepal has wide-ranging variations when it comes to flora and fauna. Nepal homes several species like:

  • Bengal tiger      
  • Bengal fox
  • Red panda
  • One Horned Rhinoceros
  • Snow leopard
  • Blue sheep
  • Spotted deer
  • Spiny babbler
  • Wild cat
  • Blackbucks
  • Musk deer


Nepal offers many alternatives when it comes to trekking. Depending on your budget, trek time, and preference. You can pick which trek blends the most with you. We recommend you research the best time to trek in Nepal. Then only, you will be able to enjoy the trek at its best. Nepal trekking can just be the ideal adventure for divine cleansing and a fresh start. Also, Trekking in the Himalayas Nepal is the passion of many adventurers worldwide

Below we mention the best treks in Nepal ;

Everest Base Camp Trek:

Trekking to Everest base camp is something you will find common in numerous adventurers' bucket lists. Everest Base Camp trek is among the most trekked trails in Nepal. It is simply gorgeous and takes you to the base of the world's top i.e. Everest Base Camp (5364 meters). This trekking route will entice you continuously with out-of-the-world landscapes.

For trekking as well as socio-cultural enthusiast, this trek offers a perfect amalgamation of the grand natural picturesque, antediluvian monasteries, and emblematic Sherpa culture.

  Trekking to Everest base camp is around 14 days trek.  This is a roller coaster trek that offers all sorts of adventure starting from a thrilling flight to Lukla airport positioned at 2860 meters – one of the highest airports in the world. If you are a trekker who hasn’t yet won this trek or a traveling fanatic, Everest Base Camp is a worthy member to be on your to-do list. Trust us, the astounding views will make feel glad about this trek.

Highlights of why you should trek to Nepal focusing on Everest Base Camp Trek:

View of Sagarmatha National park from proximity. this national park is home to various endangered creatures like snow leopard, musk deer, and many more. This national park is further graced by pine forests, waterfalls, rivers, and valleys to make your trek even more enticing.

  • Ethereal views of mountains in Nepal (Everest, Amadablam, Nuptse, Thamserku, and several others.)
  • 100-year-old Tengboche Monastery
  • Spectacular 360-degree vistas from Kalapatthar
  • Phenomenal culture of the locals and their heartfelt hospitality.

Annapurna Circuit Trek:

This delightful trek drags you to the slopes of the whole Annapurna range. This trek will offer you lovely views of the highest Himalayas chains together with Mt. Annapurna. You would be going up to whopping 5416 meters as part of this Nepal trek.

You would explore the subtropical plains of Manang Valley and the deepest canyon of Kali Gandaki plus discover several other vistas along this trek. These approximately 15 days of trekking in Nepal Annapurna Circuit will definitely be the adventure of your life providing you with lifelong experiences and stories.

Highlights of why you should be trekking in the Nepal Annapurna circuit:

  • The phenomenal view of the mountain in Nepal fills your heart with delight and ecstasy.
  • Witness Tilicho lake positioned at 4949 meters – the uppermost lake to grace the earth.
  • Sacred Muktinath
  • Thorung La Pass (5416 meters)
  • A merger of trekking and culture in Nepal. Enjoy the awesome Annapurna ranges and ethnicity.

Kanchenjunga circuit trek

Kanchenjunga Circuit trek is another popular Nepal trek that brings you amidst the Himalayas and nature soothing you. A trek to Nepal Kanchenjunga is the passage into the heart of the Himalayas and it is an ideal vacation from your hectic lifestyle.

Trekking in Himalayas Nepal, specifically trekking in Kanchenjunga is a challenging task because of its remoteness and high altitude. This trekking tour among many treks Nepal tours is quite vacuous. You are likely to meet a few trekkers in comparison to other Nepal Trek tours. Kanchenjunga circuit is around 20 days trek. But the days will differ depending upon the trekking agency and the trekking package.

Highlights of why you should be trekking to the Nepal Kanchenjunga:

  • TO observe diversity in locals (Rai village, Limbu village, Tibetan Buddhist village )
  • Grand landscapes of Rhododendron, oak forests, and a lot more.
  • View of Kanchenjunga Base Camp, Tent peak, and discover the true beauty of the Kanchenjunga region.
  • Trek across known glacial lakes like Talung glacier, Zumu glacier, and Rathong Glacier.
  • Meditating places and monasteries

Upper Mustang Trek:

This trekking in Nepal serves one with splendid views of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Nilgiri, and several other mountains in Nepal. Upper Mustang Trekking or Hiking tours in Nepal encompasses the jagged Trans-Himalayan region. As trekking and culture in Nepal go hand by hand, you would be perplexed to see the cultural lifestyle of different groups. This trek can be covered in about 15 days.

Highlights of why you should be trekking to Nepal Upper Mustang Trek:

  • Visit some of the oldest monasteries across the globe.
  • Elegant landscapes of the Himalayas.
  • Enigmatic caves alongside geographical variations.
  • Peek into the Tibetan- swayed lifestyle of people in the Mountain of Nepal.
  • White painted/coated houses, Old Gompas, and prayer flags add glory to its beauty.

Makalu Base Camp Trek:

You are taken to the foothill of the Makalu Peak through this Nepal Trek. Makalu Base Camp Trek with a duration of about 20 days,  is one of the seldom trekking trails in Nepal due to its distant terrains. However, it is just as much copious when it comes to amazing panoramas and diversity.

The lower altitude exposes the inhabitants of the Rai ethnic group and the higher altitude discloses the Sherpa inhabitants. This trekking/ hiking tour in Nepal presents you with rare faunas, terrace-style farms etcetera.

Highlights of why you should be trekking to Nepal Makalu Base Camp:

  • Pristine and uncrowded trekking route
  • Get to view the Kangshung face – The eastern face of Mt. Everest.
  • Gorgeous waterfalls, dangling glaciers and granite cliffs.
  • Red panda- one of the rare wildlife.

Manaslu Circuit Trek:

Manaslu Circuit Trek with a duration of roughly 15 days orbits around Mt. Manaslu. Manaslu Circuit Trek is a remote trek with a lot of possibilities and epic landscapes. Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain in Nepal.

Manaslu Himalayan Base camp trek offers International or Nepali hikers and trekkers astoundingly beautiful waterfalls. This trek offers views of many mountains in Nepal like Mt Manaslu (8156 m ), Mt. Annapurna II(7937 m), Nemjung (7140 m ), Himlung Himal(7126 m) and others as well.

Highlights of why you should be trekking to Nepal Manaslu Circuit:

  • Encounter flora and fauna like Snow Leopard, blue sheep, rhododendron forest etcetera.
  • Get a chance to be part of the abundant culture of Nepalese as well as Tibetan ethnic groups.
  • Absolute scenic and serene trek.
  • The highest point (Larkya Pass) is situated at 5115 meters.

Rara Lake trek:

Through this trekking in Nepal, you are taken to the distant hamlets of the Jumla and Mugu districts. You will conquer the pastoral terrains of Trans- the Himalayas in Nepal. the climax of this hiking tour in Nepal is 3710 m. Rara Lake Trek is a roughly 10 days trek based on your touring/ trekking package that will get you a unique experience and sense of peace.

Highlights of why you should be taking this Nepal trek to Rara Lake:

  • Walkthrough Rara National park happens to be home to Himalayan Black Bear, Leopard, Himalayan Ghoral, Musk deer etcetera.
  • Overwhelming natural scenery.
  • People belonging to different ethnic groups live maintaining peace.
  • Get a chance to be in the proximity of Queen of Lakes- Rara Lake.

Gokyo Lake trek:

Gokyo Lake Trek is an extraordinary Nepal Trek in the Everest region. You can either take a separate trek to Gokyo Valley or make this trek a part of trekking to Everest Base Camp. This trek will captivate you with the awe-inspiring views of Gokyo Lakes and the gorgeousness of Everest.

If you don’t make Gokyo Lake trek a part of Everest Base Camp trek, it might take you around 12 days to make a trip of it. Gokyo valley will serve the trekkers with comely iced lakes and glaciers.

 Highlights of why you should be taking this Nepal trek to Gokyo Lake:

  • Ngozumpa glacier – the world’s biggest glacier
  • From Gokyo Ri (5357 meters), trekkers can have stunning views of mountains in Nepal
  • Get stunned by five emerald green lakes of the Gokyo region.
  • Antique monasteries and unique culture of Tibetan-Buddhist Sherpas.

Mardi Himal Trek:

Mardi Himal Trek is a comparatively easy trek located in the periphery of the Annapurna region. This Nepal trek has the highest elevation of 4250 meters and it can be easily accommodated in 7 days. We recommend this trek to the inexperienced trekking enthusiast as it is abundant with natural beauty and it’s less challenging.

Highlights of why you should be taking this hiking tour in Nepal:

  • Spectacular hill and Himalayas views
  • Brilliant views of mountain peaks like Mardi Himal, Fishtail, Annapurna etcetera.
  • The hospitality that makes your heart and soul happy
  • Beautiful glacial villages and Rhododendrons

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek:

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is the embodiment of scenic beauty and we highly recommend this trek to you if you are running short on time. The magnetic sunrise and sunset views behind the Himalayan ranges will fill your heart and soul with ebullience and peace all at once.

Imagine Lush Rhododendron forests, birds singing making your morning melodious, the incomparable views of majestic High mountains,  spectacular mountain scenery, and many more. This is what is waiting for you in Ghorepani Poon Hill.

Highlights of why you should be taking Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek hiking tour in Nepal:

  • The sunrise and sunset views that you will reminisce about throughout your life.
  • The best vantage point for 360-degree scenery.
  • Heartfelt amity and hospitality of the locals.
  • Exotic high-altitude lakes and alpine luxuriant forest landscapes make this trek worth every penny you spend for it.

Best time to trek in Nepal

Imagine going through the physical trepidation as a part of Everest Base Camp trek, or any other Nepal trek and the views are not vibrant or even clear as a result of poor climatic conditions. Frustrating it would feel, wouldn’t it?  Thus, do make sure that you decide to take this trekking or hiking tour during the best time for trekking in Nepal.

Before going on the trek, you should decide carefully on every aspect like your fitness level, your health eligibility, your proper trekking agency etcetera. The best season or best time to trek in Nepal is another prime factor to consider while planning to trek. 

Generally, the best time to trekking in Nepal is during the spring and autumn season in terms of vivid views, safe trails, and weather conditions. However, since these are the peak seasons, the tea houses and community lodges might be unable to give immediate service. Likewise, the summer season and winter seasons might not be best with a clear view,   safe trails, and stable weather in mind. Find out more about this.

Trekking in Nepal in the low season

We have already mentioned why you should trek to Nepal. We have also presented the best time for trekking in Nepal. In this section, we are going to give a brief overview of trekking in Nepal in the low season.

The summer season is a low season to trek in Nepal. There are many reasons making summer a poor time for Nepal trek. Before jumping to conclusions, you should first know that this is not the case for dry regions like Mustang and Dolpo regions etcetera, and lower elevation hikes and treks.  

The higher elevation treks, on the other hand, are not risk-free as they are highly probable to have slippery and muddy tails prone to leeches. The other problem of trekking in Nepal in the low season (talking about summer here) is the high chance of unclear views.

The Winter season is another low season to trek in Nepal. Even though the views are clear, the freezing cold makes this season a low season for Nepal Trek. Like that of summer, this season is not so bad of a trekking time for lower altitude treks but the high altitude treks exhibit the extreme temperature (for instance – 12 degrees Celsius in Everest Base camp and Annapurna Base Camp regions). This season is appealing when it comes to vivid views so if you can resist the cold and the breezes, you are good to go.


What Expect to Visit Nepal?

You can expect improved roads, internet coverage, better airport conditions, and more hospitable services. You can expect many accommodation options extending from extravagant 5-star hotels to frugal motels and lodges. You can choose according to your travel budget. 

The traveling routes are still under maintenance aimed to give you a less interrupted and hence pleasant journey. Also, the cuisine and food menu is more diversified.

Is it safe to visit Nepal?

After the catastrophic earthquake of 2015 and its devastating aftermath, we completely understand why many of the international tourists might be worried about this. We are happy to explain this to you that after the distressing earthquake, our monuments, roads, accommodations, and other structures have been renovated. 

For adventurers seeking to trek in Nepal, you would be delighted to know that we have built new trekking trails, better lodges, and facilities. 

Where to stay in Nepal?

You can stay in lavish 5- star hotels or thrifty motels depending on your budget. While trekking, there will be comfortable teahouses and community lodges in appropriate locations and gaps. Different hotel chains are established, you can book your hotel yourself or the agency through which you are traveling can take care of this for you. 

You can also stay in the places, where it will be easy for you to go in quick hiking in Nepal.

Where to book cheap flights to Nepal?

You can find several sites online to book cheap flights to Nepal and book domestic flights within Nepal while traveling. We recommend you research properly before settling to the first site you land. Cheap Nepal flights are not that hard to find. different websites like travelocity.com, cheapflights.com etcetera exist to make this decision easier for you. You can also do this through the travel agency. 


So having been said, the Himalayas of Nepal are waiting for you and so are we. Contact us for details. Also, this is not about the  Nepal trek, there are other treks equally appealing and challenging. Find more about it through us. We hope to serve you in your trek to Nepal. 

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