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Top 10 famous foods in Nepal

8th Apr, 2022


Each geographical region of Nepal has its own authentic cuisine. Let us explore what makes Nepal special. It is widely known that Nepal is a diverse country with a rich culture, people, and traditions. They have their own way of life, food, and cloth. Despite that, Nepal is also famous for its food. Nepalese Foods are mixed and cooked with love with spices. Many types of food and delicacies can be tasted here. Food has long been a symbol of a place's identity, acting as a connection between tourists and the region's culture, history, and natural resources. Here we have mentioned, the top 10 famous foods in Nepal you should try must:

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Nepali top 10 famous foods you should not try to miss

Daal Bhat Tarkari:

Different variations occur in various parts of the world, all of which provide an authentic experience of various cultures and tribes. Dal Bhaat is a combination of rice and a spiced lentil dish. It's normally served with pickled vegetables or leafy greens, meat curries as well as salad, papad, and curd as a side dish. It was not only a dish; it was a plentiful meal and a yummy and delicious one. Nepalese are obsessed. It's no wonder. Nepali food reflects a wide variety of cultures and traditions.

Newari Khaja Set:

Newari Set is a traditional authentic Newar dish, also called the Samai Baji – which is made of several components. It includes beaten rice (Baji), Choila, Egg, Bara, Aalu Cha, and many more varieties are added with different tastes.  And it makes a unique taste. A trip to Nepal would not be complete without trying some of the country's delicious traditional famous food.


Momos are one of the famous foods in Nepal. The fillings can be chicken, pork, vegetables, goat, paneer (fresh cheese), or buffalo meat. Buffalo Momos are the most popular among Nepalese. Momo is commonly served as snacks and is supplemented by a delicious dip or sauce, which can be heavy and spicy. It is available everywhere from streets to five-star hotels.


The food is nutrient-dense and delicious. Dheedo is believed to be effective for diabetics in particular. This dish is also known as Nepal's national dish or famous food, and it is served in traditional Nepalese restaurants and village homes. This food is usually eaten with meat soup or gundruk soup. It is one of the top 10 famous foods in Nepal.


Gundruk is a traditional dish of Nepal. It's a fermented green leafy vegetable dish that's generally served as a main course or as a side dish to the main course. Mustard, radish, and cauliflower are wilted for a day or two before being stored in a tight earthenware pot, allowing the acidic juices to escape. As a result, it's essentially Nepali kimchi. It can be used as a soup or achar.

Sel Roti:

Sel Roti is a famous celebratory food. It is prepared during religious festivals such as Dasain and Tihar. Also an iconic symbol of Nepali culture and festivities. This delicious deep-fried bread is crunchy, sweet, puffy, and soft, and makes a great breakfast or snack with tarkari(veggies). Sel Rotis are popular in nearby restaurants and are now available in some of the city's most prestigious supermarkets.


The raw meat is roasted over a natural wood fire in the Nepalese country style, after being mixed with natural herbs and spices to add flavor. It has a hot, spicy, and mouthwatering flavor that spreads as you bite Choila pieces. Choila is typically served with rice flakes (beaten rice) to balance out the strong spicy flavor.


A vessel-shaped dough made from rice flour is expertly molded and filled with a sesame and chaaku (desiccated coconut and khuwa) mixture. These steamed treats are a popular dish in Nepal, where they play an important role in religious festivals such as the Yomari Punhi festival, which signals the end of the rice harvest.


Many visitors have referred to it as a "Nepali pizza," but this is just because it is round and has a lot of toppings. The main ingredient is a rice flour batter mixed with water, which can be topped with eggs, sugar, and other ingredients. This can be found in any Newari restaurant and in various avatars. Unlike other bread, this bread is baked without being flipped in the pan.


Similarly, Bara is a traditional Newari dish. It is made with blended lentils and cooked in a hot pan (beans). It's a lentil pancake made in the Newari culture. It's a golden brown color, and it's also known as Anda-Bara or Masu-Bara because it's made with other ingredients like egg and meat. This is, however, a vegetarian dish if not mixed with meat or egg. We tried to include dishes in our list that have their own distinct Nepali flavor and are relatively inaccessible to those who are unfamiliar with the country. Also, If you want to know about available package tours in Nepal, you can contact us. Learn about the country, its tribes, the culture, traditional ingredients, lively cooking methods, and the ultimate enjoyment of taste.  Let us know, which famous food you want to try from the listed Top 10 famous foods in Nepal.  

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