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Is compulsory local trekking guide and TIMS card in Nepal?

16th Apr, 2023


Nepal tourism board has ruled for all trekkers. The Trekking Guide and TIMS Card Mandatory on Most Trekking Routes in the Himalaya. The TIMS card effective from March 31, 2023, for specific Protected Areas of Nepal need trekker to be accompanied by licensed trekking guide and must have to carry a trekking agency to issue TIMS Card and Permit for the trekking.

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Nepal government has decided to band independed tourist in the Himalaya specially for trekking. This is effectively from April 1, 2023 and must go to trek with local guide and will issue your trekking TIMS and Trekking permit. Trekkers’ Information Management System (TIMS) permit has modified to online which can apply through local trekking agency only.

The revised TIMS Provision effective from March 31, 2023, specific Protected Areas of Nepal need trekker to be accompanied by licensed trekking guide and carry a trekking agency issued TIMS Card.

Following trekking regions and routes falling under this new rules.

        Trekking Region

       Name of the Trek

Kanchenjunga Region

1. Kanchenjunga Base Camp via Sele La Pass Trek
2. Kanchenjunga Basecamp Trek
3. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Nango Pass Trek
4. Lumba Sumba Pass Trek

Makalu Barun Area

1. Makalu Basecamp Trek
2. Sherpeni Cole Pass Trek

Everest Region

1. Everest Basecamp Trek
2. Gokyo Trek
3. Chho La Pass Trek
4. Gokyo Renjo La Pass Trek
5. Three Passes Trek
6. Everest View trek
7. Mera Peak Trek
8. Amphu Labtsha Pass

Rolwaling Region

1. Rolwaling Trek
2. Tashi Labtsha Pass Trek

Panchpokhari Bhairabkunda Area

Panchpokhari Trek

Helambu Region

1. Helambu Trek
2. Goshaikunda Trek

Langtang Region

1. Langtang Trek
2. Langtang Gosaikund Trek
3. Tamang Heritage Trek
4. Tamang Heritage Langtang Trek
5. Ganja La pass Trek
6. Till Man Pass

Ganesh Himal-Ruby Valley Area

Ganesh Himal - Ruby Valley Trek

Manaslu Region

1. Manaslu Circuit Trek
2. Manaslu - Tsum Valley Trek
3. Tsum Valley Trek

Annapurna Region

1. Annapurna Circuit Trek
2. Nar Phu Annapurna Circuit Trek
3. Mesokanto / Tilicho Pass Trek
4. Poon Hill-ABC Trek
5. Khopra Trek
6. Mardi Himal Trek
7. Sikleh Tara Hill Trek

Mustang Region

1. Upper Mustang Trek
2. Sarebung Pass Trek

Dhaulagiri Region

Round Dhaulagiri

Dolpo Region

1. Upper Dolpo - Jomsom Trek
2. Upper Dolpo Trek
3. Lower Dolpo Trek
4. Kagmara Pass Trek

Humla Region

Humla Limi Valley Trek

First thing an aspiring trekker must do is find out, if the route they are interested to trek requires trekking guide and TIMS Card. If yes, please get in touch with a Government registered trekking agency to arrange for the trekking guide and TIMS Card.

How much does it cost for TIMS card?

There are different on TIMS card fee between SAARC country and other country tourist, NPR 1,000 for SAARC (South Asian countries citizens) country applicants and for others NPR 2,000. The new rate effectively from April first 2023. 

For more information, about the TIMS please click here

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