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10 Tips to stay healthy while traveling in the mountain

8th Apr, 2022


How to stay healthy while traveling in the mountain?

Health and physical fitness are the most important things how to stay healthy while traveling in Nepal. Nepal is one of the best country for adventure, mountaineering, trekking, cultural tour, holidays, wildlife, and many more. Nepal is having multi diversity with Eco tourism country in the world. Health and Physical are the most important things while traveling in the mountain. Many travelers are facing health and physical challenges in the mountain while traveling in Nepal.

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Every traveler should know about it before traveling while you are planning to travel to Nepal. While traveling in Nepal with discovering Mother Nature with excitement, the whole trip could not success by a lacking or negligence in health. Things to be aware of on sanitation, food, and drinks are common things on the mountain, the side of that accommodation is one of the most important factors to keep your stamina, physical fitness, and stay healthy in the mountain while traveling in Nepal.

Tips to stay healthy while traveling to Nepal

1, Drinking water

Tap or groundwater is not safe to drink. Highly recommend drinking mineral water or bottle water. If you are traveling in the mountain some places not possible to drink bottle water, but there are many options to purify the water before you drink it. Normally in the mountain, there is a purified water refill station, it is the best and easy way to get drinkable water compared with cost and possibilities. If you couldn’t find the water station use boiled water or purify normal tap water into drinkable water, boiled water is the easy way and everywhere available in the tea houses and hotels.

2, Smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking alcohol are not good while you are on an adventurous trip. If you are traveling in the mountain it is most to avoid alcohol, it helps to prevent Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). It may life damage if you did a careless on your health in the mountain. Drink a lot of hot water, soups, and hygienic and energetic foods.

3, Foods

Food is the main part to stay healthy while traveling to new places. Normally everywhere food should be hygienic, fresh, and energetic. Foreigner and local people are different to adjust to the new place, in the context of Nepal. There are many fast food centers which you have to decide before ordering your food is good or not. Local people used to have anywhere food is available in the local hotel and restaurant, but tourists or foreigners do not recommend having it in the local fast food center. There are various types of tourist standard restaurants and they serve all kinds of food according to your choice.

Be aware of food poisoning. You are traveling with spending a lot of money to fulfill your dream and explore the historical, cultural, mother nature. Be healthy with energetic power and avoid eating street food, packed meat item, and an uncooked food item to prevent food poisoning.

4, Accommodation

Accommodation should be better and more comfortable in a peaceful and quiet place. In the whole trip, it may new place for you, normally your travel organizer company already has ranged where to stay? Where is the best place to stay? According to the previous traveler's recommendation.

5, Acute Mountain Sickness(AMS)

Altitude sickness might affect all if you are an experienced trekker or not an experienced trekker. Shortness of breath might make the trek harder for you. Altitude Sickness or Acute Mountain Sickness shortened as AMS can lead to serious harm.

Some people are affected just slightly, others feel frightened. If you do have AMS, nevertheless, you must take this as a warning sign that you are at risk for severe types of altitude disease. Make your body hydrated. Mountain Monarch provides medical practitioners with drugs, oxygen tanks, and oxygen chamber bags to treat any altitude-related disorders.

In addition, your leader can lay down some specific rules for staying away from altitude sickness and there are also several measures you should do as precautions to stop taking AMS eg Diamox, etc You have to keep in touch with your travel organizer, interact with your guide.

6, Health condition

Travel and adventure are challenging jobs. Some are easy and almost everyone should be able to do it, while others expect trekkers to be fit and even make them experience mountain dwellers. You can succeed in your travel or not it depends on your health conditions. Normally it concerns age, physically, and mentally fit. While trekking in Nepal, it makes sense to carry an emergency medical first aid kit so that you can treat basic symptoms until you reach medical care.

7, Vaccines

Nepal officially doesn’t require any kinds of vaccines still now for travel to Nepal, but it may require vaccines in the context of a global pandemic Covid 19. It is sure you are traveling in a new place so, if you feel less immunized in your body, you should take a vaccine to increase immunity power to prevent unless viral.

Nepal has a different atmosphere than where you are belonging to. The water, food, environment, air, climate, and accommodation totally new for you, so it may highly chance to get some health issues and allergies. Always be mentally and physically prepared before traveling or consulting with a doctor.

8, Acclimatization

Avoiding mountain high altitude sickness, and acclimatization is the most important factors to adjust to the mountain. In Nepal, a safe altitude is 3000 meters, which you can climb rapidly and straight away after 3000 meters you should climb up gradually and systematically according to the acute mountain sickness prevention rule. Accordingly, every overnight stay must be at an altitude of 400 – 500 meters higher than your previous overnight accommodation. Having climbed a total of 1,000 altitude meters, you must give priority to a whole day for altitude acclimatization and stay overnight at the same altitude. Hike the nearest hill to acclimatize and back to the hotel for an overnight stay.

9, Pollution

We all know our life is hanging on the respiration system so we need oxygen to live. Air pollution is increasing in the world mostly in the city likewise Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Biratnagar the main city of Nepal. It's high chances for victims of viral disease by air pollution so use a face mask to prevent it.

10, Basic First Aid Training

Traveling in the mountain is not a joke, the word ‘travel’ and ‘mountain’ is enough to describe. Normally there are not a lot of medical facilities in remote areas. During the travel can appear some accidental situations and not expected sickness in the mountain. If you have basic first aid training you can treatment on the spot before the hospital. The aim of first aid is to provide immediate but temporary care for a sufferer who is ill or injured. Not mean, compulsory to take first aid training to travel. Who is your travel organizer company, they will provide a first aid kit which will carry by your supporting staff.

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