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What is Food and Accommodation on the Everest Base Camp Trek

7th Feb, 2021


It's obvious that this is a common question - What is Food and Accommodation on the Everest Base Camp Trek, food and accommodation are an essential part of every vacation, but it has to be even more unique when you book the trip of a lifetime. Food and accommodation is an incredibly important part of every trip and its significance becomes even more prominent when it comes to high altitude adventures such as Everest Base Camp Trek. Trekking is an experience and a lot of calories are burned. But note, the calories that are lost in the process have to be replenished, too. Keep in mind that, while there's a lot of walking left, never get overloaded. So, make sure that your stomach is full of nutritious and comfortable foods. But don't let that make you underestimate the food quality in the Himalayas of Nepal! Every trekker needs to learn about the accommodation and food facilities in the Everest region before they begin their journey. This Everest Base Camp food and accommodation guide will give you an overview of the food and accommodation facilities in the region. If you are wondering about what you should expect to eat while hiking to Mount Everest Base Camp, read our full blog guide on What is Food and Accommodation on the Everest Base Camp Trek.

Table of Contents

Accommodation at Tea House along the Everest Base Camp Trek

The teahouse treks put the local lifestyle and community closer to trekkers. You will be impressed by the homely environment and cozy lodging along the Everest Base Camp trek. The cost of tea houses varies, depending mainly on the facilities offered and the duration of the trek. You will get well-equipped rooms with electricity, Wi-Fi, commode toilets, and a hot shower at the lower altitude. The facilities get scarce when you go up the higher altitude, and you only get restricted services. Overall, the accommodation facilities are pretty simple along the Everest Base Camp route. Tea houses are also perfect places to meet fellow trekkers searching for an adventure in Nepal. Let’s see what are the basic accommodations facilities that can be found on the trail to EBC :

The Rooms in EBC Trail:

The rooms on the teahouses along the Everest Base Camp trek are twin shared. Most single rooms have twin beds with some basic furniture, such as a small table or a chair. You'll also get a pillow and a warm, fuzzy blanket. Almost every tea house has a blanket as it freezes at night. You're also going to find a shelf, coat, and hooks, but some teahouses don't have it. Overall, the services are as basic as they can be but more than enough for a comfortable stay.

The Toilets:

Now let's take a look at the toilets, the essential part of the trek in terms of health and hygiene. It's clear that midnight is a very difficult time to get used to. There are basic toilets in squat style along with the teahouses. The bathrooms are pretty basic, and you can find a small wooden hut outside the lodge for bathroom purposes. The toilet is just a hole in the floor above a deep pit. Most of them do not have toilet paper. Mainly on the lower elevation, most of the lodges offer a western-style toilet. As you move up the trail, you'll find squat toilet facilities. You might find it strange or hard to use the squat toilets, but you need to get used to them. But it's really important to know how you're going to be able to maintain hygiene in the right way. You're supposed to bring essential toiletries along with you for the trek.

Other Amenities at Tea House

  • You need to spend a couple of dollars on hot showers on the Everest Base Camp trek. The cost of hot showers is about $1-3$, which changes by altitude.
  • You need to spend $2-3 per hour to charge your electronic devices. Some of the tea houses charge $2-3 per hour to charge for your electronic devices. Luckily, if you have a plugin in your room, you can charge your device free of charge.
  • You can purchase a prepaid SIM card with mobile data for connectivity. Ncell provides 3G high-speed internet in the Everest region.
  • There are also Wi-Fi facilities along with the lower Teahouses in the Everest Base Camp trail, which cost about $3-$5 per hour.

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Food and Accommodation at Everest Base Camp Trek

Food & Accommodation at Lukla:

In the Everest area, Lukla is a gateway for trekking. Most of the time, due to weather conditions, the Kathmandu-Lukla flight arrives early in the morning. In Lukla, there are plenty of hotels. The hotels have better services than the trail-based lodges. They'll cost you more, though, than teahouses. Overall, on the trail, you can get many best services than tea houses.

Food & Accommodation at Phakding:

Your next stop, after Lukla, will be Phakding. Situated in the Dudh Koshi river valley just north of Lukla and south of Monjo, it is a beautiful little village. Since most flights to Lukla arrive in the morning, before going to Namche Bazaar to acclimatize, many trekkers prefer to walk straight and overnight in Phakding. On both sides of the pristine Dudh Koshi canal, Phakding has several hotels and tea rooms. They are inexpensive and suit any budget traveler perfectly. This is really the beginning of the trail to EBC's tea lodge, and this is most definitely where you will meet your first Daal  Bhat plate. For the next two weeks, this tasty, energizing, filling dish will be your regular diet, and it is a good thing that everybody cooks it differently. These are the short description of food and accommodation on Everest Base Camp Trek at Lukla.

Food & Accomodation at  Namchebazaar:

The commercial center of the Khumbu area is Namche Bazaar. On the Everest Base Camp trek, Namche is an outstanding acclimatization stage. As many trekkers spend two or three days adjusting to the altitude, it is also a perfect place for acclimatization. Namche has an amazing food scene with a lot of pubs, restaurants, cafes, etc. This place is worth exploring, as you get the first glimpse of Mt. Everest when you visit the viewpoint above the village. In addition to the natural beauty, this place has some of the best tea houses with great facilities for accommodation. Namche is the last place on the trail to EBC where you can find the fancier lodges, which provide decent food at a fair price in all types, albeit a little more than in Lukla. There are also a few other restaurants in the village that are built to serve the region's trekkers and visitors.

Food & Accommodation at Tengboche:

Tengboche is another popular trekking stop during the EBC trek. Tengboche is known for its monastery, which is the largest monastery in the Khumbu region, at 3,867m. The panoramic view from the monastery is spectacular. In Tengboche, there are 4-5 hotels and tea rooms. The teahouses on the Everest base camp trek get simple as we travel up along the trail. Finding a room with attached toilets and a hot shower would be difficult. It can be very crowded during the peak seasons. There are only a few lodges in Tengboche with basic accommodation facilities. In Tengboche, too, there are other lodges and some small cafes that cater to trekking tourists. However, the food is a little more costly than in the lower villages, and from hereon up there is less variety.

Food & Accommodation at  Dingboche:

Another big stop for trekkers and climbers is Dingboche. For acclimatization purposes, most trekkers spend at least one day in Dingboche. There are dozens of lodges in this area, a bakery, a few stores, and even an internet cafe. For acclimatization purposes, most trekkers spend two nights in Dingboche. You will have basic food facilities at Dingboche. The staple dish of Dal Bhat is served by most tea houses. Although the food might not be luxurious, it is healthy enough to get you energized for the trek.

Food & Accommodation at Lobuche:

The last stop before the spectacular Everest Base Camp is Lobuche. There are several tea houses in this town. Don't expect anything, but you're going to get a pillow and a mattress, and if you're lucky enough, you're going to get a wool blanket. The lodges can often be difficult to locate during the peak trekking season. So, you might have to share rooms with other trekkers of the same gender in this kind of situation.

Food & Accommodation at Gorak Shep:

Gorakshep is the original Everest Base Camp and the Kala Patthar base. Before heading to Everest Base Camp, Gorak Shep is the last stop. There are a total of four teahouses on the Everest base camp trek at Gorak Shep with simple accommodation. Trekking lodges are simple and you might even have to sleep in a dining room or share your room with walkers during the peak trekking season. You're going to get a pillow and a mattress, and if you're lucky enough, you're going to get a wool blanket.

Some Popular Dishes available in Everest Base Camp :

1. Dal Bhat:

Dal Bhat is the main dish for most of the trekkers around the region because of the length of their trek. You'll get the dish served with spinach, chili, garlic, and ginger. It has a strong taste, is very nutritious, and gives you all the energy you need on the trek.

2. Garlic Soup:

Garlic soup is a common dish that protects you against height disease. The food is also quite tasty, and you can have a gracious amount of food during the day and before you go to your room.

3. Chinese Cuisine:

Currently, the tea houses are more popular for Asian and Chinese cuisine. The menu includes Chowmein and momo. These dishes are a welcome change from the Dal Bhat staple.

4. Nepalese Bread:

In the local tea houses, you can receive Nepalese bread alongside the rotten, naan, and a pizza base. And for most meals, it is the perfect starting point. This snack is also perfect for the walk, so make your sacks space.

5. Yak Meat:

Yaks are the most popular animal in the Himalayas, and yak steaks are amazingly healthy and delicious. You will be able to verify the freshness of the meat with your tour guide. You get this set with some cheesy sauce to give your body some protein you need.

Cost of Food and Accommodation along the Everest Base Camp Trek

The price range depends heavily on the type of accommodation, altitude, and time of the year. Be prepared to pay a higher rate than during off-season months while trekking EBC during peak season (Spring and Autumn). Anywhere from $3-$5 per night an average cost a simple tea house accommodation. You don't have to pay for lodging even too. As some of the teahouses let you sleep in one condition if you're eating at that particular tea house. So, before selecting teahouses on the Everest base camp trek for stay, first look at the menu. Finally, the Everest Base Camp Trail has a variety of accommodations, teahouses on the Everest base camp trek to choose from, whether they're luxury lodges or friendly tea houses. Healthy food is the equivalent of a good mood and a good mood will make your trekking trip as good as possible, so make sure you know what to eat during your Everest base camp trek. Make sure to read our full blog to know –  What is food and Accommodation on the Everest Base Camp Trek. Check out our Tips for Everest Trekking in Nepal. We would like you to be successful on your trek and we want to give you the best chance to reach the Everest Base Camp successfully. We also want every person to be safe and enjoy the experience in this high-altitude environment. CLICK HERE to check out our Everest Base Camp Trek faqs.

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