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Different between Annapurna Base Camp and Everest Base Camp Trek

26th Jul, 2022


Annapurna Base Camp or Everest Base camp is the best base camp trek that suits you!!!!  You can expect to get information categorized comparatively on a different basis. For example major differentiated highlights, trip facts, and other considerations like altitude, acclimatization, and such others. Before directly jumping to the differentiated highlights and other facts, first, let’s know about them in brief.

Table of Contents

Everest Base Camp Trek in Short

Everest Base camp trek is a 12-15 days excursion in the Himalayan range of the Eastern Khumbu region of Nepal.  In other words, this base camp trek is an opportunity to set your feet at the base of the World’s highest mountain Mt. Everest (8848 meters).  In addition, this Base Camp trek takes you to typical Sherpa villages like Lukla, Phakding, Namche, Dingboche, and others.  

Annapurna Base Camp trek in Short

Annapurna Base Camp trek at the foothills of the 10th highest mountain in the world (8091 meters/ 26,545 ft.) offers trekking packages of 8-14 days. This trek generally starts from Pokhara (827 meters) and rises up to the elevation of 4130 meters at Annapurna Base Camp. Furthermore, this Base Camp trek passes via beautiful villages like Ulleri, Ghorepani, Tadapani and much other apart from gigantic vistas. 

After knowing a short typical introduction of Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp let’s move to the highlights of these base camp treks.

Distinguished highlights: EBC Trek vs ABC trek

 The Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp trek distinguished highlights are in the list below:

I know you read the above information very well but still unable to grasp the major theme or differences between these base camp trek. No worries!!! Just in case, we have further shortened information on trip facts below the 2nd table. 


Short Trips Facts: ABC and EBC Trek

Basis Annapurna Base Camp Everest Base Camp
Location Northern, Central Nepal, Gandaki Zone Khumbu region, Sagarmatha Zone
Max. Elevation Annapurna Base Camp (4130 meters/ 13210 feet) Everest Base Camp (5364 meters/ 17600 feet.) and Kala Patthar (5545 meters/ 18188 feet.) 
Difficulty Moderate to Strenuous Fairly Challenging, adventurous 
Weather Best time Spring and autumn Best time Spring and autumn
Ethnic group Gurung/ Thakali/ Magar/ Manage Sherpa/Tamang/Rai
Culture Buddhism/ Hinduism Buddhism
Starting Point Pokhara Lukla
Popular Mountains Everest, Ama Dablam, Pumori Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri
Accommodation Hotel/Lodges/ Teahouse Hotel/Lodges/ Teahouse
Total Duration 8-14 days 12-15 days

Still, tangled up in Annapurna Base Camp Trek and Everest Base Camp Trek???

I can understand why you are still tangled up in EBC or ABC that best suits your trekking needs. No worries, because this article is meant to guide you to choose the best one that suits you. Now, let’s dig more down for further details.

Straightforward: A better solution for your queries and confusion can be addressed on the basis of factors like altitude, time constraints, and such others.

Choosing EBC vs ABC Trek based on practicality and feasibility


Who can do the Annapurna Base Camp or Everest Base Camp trek?

Coming straight to the point, you can do the Annapurna Base Camp trek if you have a normal or stable health condition or a novice. 

The Everest Base Camp trek requires good health conditions and better fitness with pre-scheduled training a few weeks before attempting the trek.

There is no official declared age group for both the camp trek; however, the minimum advisable age group is 10.


From the above table, you might have a slight idea regarding the altitude difference between EBC and ABC. Indeed, ABC has less height compared to ABC. Precisely, their approximate elevation base camp difference is 1234 meters (4390 feet) and 1415 meters (4978 feet) via ABC base camp and Kala Patthar. In other words, ABC is low altitude trek compared to Everest Base Camp trek. Thus, ABC is more reliable and best than EBC for those who cannot accommodate and acclimatize with acute altitude sickness.

Time and cost:

Having a problem with time and budget limitations?

Compared to the Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp trek is short and less expensive. As given in the table above ABC (8-14 days) and EBC (12-15 days). Therefore, a constraint to time and budget, Annapurna Base Camp is the best option to reach out. Per day cost of EBC gets higher than ABC because more days are spent in the EBC due to higher altitude and for acclimatization. If the pocket is full and you have adequate timelines EBC trek best suits you. This trekking region is comparatively more popular than ABC trek for the reason being at the foothills of the world's highest peak Mt. Everest.

Note: The days of the trek can be less or more than given facts depending upon your durability and other unconditional circumstances.

Temperature and weather:

When is the best time to plan for EBC or ABC? What temperature to expect? 

The best time for EBC or ABC trek is spring and autumn. Likewise, winter and summer are challenging and have risks. Off times like February can have snowfalls, closed paths, and other difficulties.  

I am quite well aware of how strong your determination is. But there are times where the situation surpasses determination. Thus, you need to be clear and aware of your bodily features and to what extent you can afford them. Furthermore, accessories like jackets, sleeping bags, shoes, gloves and much other as well play a major role here. 

The temperature, especially at night time, is much colder in EBC than ABC, despite both reaching freezing points. You can expect the temperature to fall up to – 8 degrees Celsius during autumn and spring at EBC and up to -5 degrees Celsius at ABC respectively.


What accommodation to expect in EBC or ABC? How choosy are you in regard to accommodations like lodges, food, and quality?

The standard of teahouses and lodges are not as standard as big hotels and resort available in the major cities of Nepal like Pokhara and Kathmandu but are accountable for good hygiene and standards leaving few flaws behind.

There are fewer teahouses available in the ABC than EBC. The number of hotels and lodges is comparatively less than that of EBC.  Likewise, you can find plenty of lodges and teahouses in each village you set foot into the EBC. Besides local Dhal, rice, and curry you can find the dishes like toasted bread, eggs, pancakes, noodles, dumplings in both the base camp trek.

However, The quality and hygiene of foods largely depend on the chef, cook, and fresh ingredients available at a particular teahouse. So, be sure to make a good research on the teahouse before booking any teahouse or lodge.

Trekking route/trails:

If you prefer well-managed trekking routes then it is better for you to go for Everest Base Camp than Annapurna Base Camp trek. The Annapurna Base Camp has off-the-beaten trekking trails. However, both the base camp trek has several ascends and descends. 

By now I sure that you agreed to several challenges like altitude and acclimatization. Besides, ABC trekking routes severely get wet, moist and affected by liches and other insects during the summer and monsoon season. I believe the preference here is largely affected by the kind of experience you are looking for.

Key takeaways:

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. In the end, let’s make a short analysis of each base camp trek.

Why Annapurna Base Camp Trek or Everest Base Camp trek and vice-versa?

We know that distinct features of anything are comparable, the experience can be different, and each is best known for each feature. However, I would like to add that the spiritual gain at the end is the same.

  • In comparison to acclimatization, ABC trek has more scores than EBC. Thus, you can put Everest Base Camp trek on the second bucket list and choose ABC trek. On the contrary, Everest Base Camp trek is more challenging than ABC trek. Therefore, is more suitable for those not frightened of flying or don’t care about cold temperatures. 
  • The cultural attributes of both the base camp trek are distinct. Thus, if you wish to go via cultural exploration, reach out based on religion and cultural attributes you are attracted to.
  • If you have well maintained physical fitness then go for EBC trek else the Annapurna Base Camp trek only requires stable health conditions.

If you are looking to go for package details you can click the link provided below:

Everest trekking,   Annapurna trekking


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