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There’s a solid reason why people go for Manaslu Circuit Trek despite the challenges it holds. Manaslu trek difficulty is something known to trekkers yet they opt for it. Manaslu is a mountain peak with a height of 8156 meters making it one of the 10 top mountain peaks on the globe. Having the name of this trek in their kitty bag is a dream of many trekkers worldwide. 

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Manaslu circuit trek is an exponentially growing trek In Nepal. Thanks to the alluring and magnetic Himalayan panorama that it offers. As the Manaslu area is blessed with a plethora of natural exquisiteness, many trekkers set a goal to win over it. Correspondingly, despite the difficulty and risk it possesses, the number of adventurers aiming Manaslu Circuit trek is soaring up.

The sight of verdant forests, strikingly beautiful waterfalls, and simply breath-taking Himalaya vistas are what Manaslu Circuit trail promises. This pristine trekking route is among one the controlled and preserved regions of Nepal. Therefore, trekkers are probable to explore well-protected and maintained natural along with cultural diversity and originality. This ultimately allures the trekkers or adventurers towards Manaslu circuit trek. It won’t be a fallacy to argue that even Manaslu trek difficulty acts as a magnet to draw in adventure-seeking trekkers.

There are various factors contributing to making the Manaslu circuit trek one of the most adventurous treks. Such factors are – high altitude, extreme weather, slippery trekking trails and many others. However, the popularity of this trekking adventure is not restricted by any of them. This trek has a tendency to be difficult for novice trekkers. Nevertheless, with some preparation and of course, strong determination, this trek can be overcome while enjoying it thoroughly.

Why does Manaslu Circuit trek despite difficulty?

Just imagine!! You are at the height where you can see down at the earth. The thrill, adrenaline, pleasure, and sense of achievement Manaslu Circuit Trek has to offer is worth every hardship.  Manaslu Circuit trek is well known for its less trampled, serene, and spectacular trails. 

The beauty and peace it holds are worth every struggle and strain that a trekker has to face along the journey. There’s a reason people sought after this circuit trek despite its complications and difficulty. The compensation for the physical trepidation of this adventurous and thrill trek is the awesome view It provides of the following beauties.

  • Mt. Manaslu (8156 meters)
  • Mt. Annapurna II (7937 meters)
  • Nemjung (7140 meters)
  • Himlung Himal (7126 meters)
  • Gyaji Kang (7074 meters)
  • Kang Guru (6981 meters)

Besides this panorama of snowcapped Himalayas, the Manaslu Circuit trek confronts you with Nepalese and Tibetan ethnic groups abundant with culture. People go through this challenging trek for the ethereal Mountain range, Excellent view withstanding Manaslu trek difficulty for the scenic drive. In addition, this trek will encounter you with wildlife like-

  • Pika
  • Blue Sheep (Agali)
  • Tahr (Mountain Goat)
  • Snow Leopard

Manaslu Circuit Difficulty

The moderately difficult labeled Manaslu circuit trek requires the trekkers to be in a sound physical state so as to reach the apogee of the trek. The fitness level of the trekkers aiming to reach the zenith of the trek against the Manaslu trek difficulty should be on point. Following the catastrophic earthquake of 2015,  many Manaslu trekking trails had been destroyed, making this trek tougher. On the positive side, new tracks have been advanced further discovering the hidden splendor of Manaslu. Summarizing the attributes that add up to the difficulty level of Manaslu are:

  • Distance
  • Weather
  • Altitude


Manaslu Circuit trek is an extensively diverse trek because the terrains here range from 228 meters (lowest point) to 8163 meters (Highest point). This trek covers a huge distance of 177 1kilometers making it a challenging and difficult trek. The trekkers are to cover approximately 15-20 km each day throughout their trek. Moreover, the Larkya La Pass situated at a high altitude of 5213 m is a uniquely challenging landmark to cross. 

Trekkers will have to walk through different trekking routes for instance, Suspension bridges,  windy trails, and utterly uneven terrains. On a bright note,  the trekking region and trekking trails are not monotonous at all. The Trek difficulty makes this trek completion a lot more satisfactory.

The expedition leader will help you be mentally as well as physically prepared for the trek. Ultimately, if you want your Manaslu circuit trek to be difficulty-free, training oneself to walk on an uneven surface might be a wise and clairvoyant thing to do.

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Weather :

It is important to realize that temperature and weather are variable in High altitude treks. Higher altitude generally comprises of breeze and harsh weather. It is to be noted that the temperature can drop as low as -12 degrees Celsius during November. Similarly,  the temperature can rise up to 15 degrees Celsius  If a trekker is planning to take this trip, we suggest you be very wary and be updated on the weather forecast. You don’t need to be anxious over it though, the Manaslu region is usually warm in the daytime. And if you have done the research well, you don’t have to face the wrath of the weather.

Different seasons of Nepal and weather effects during those seasons:


  • Summer might not be a very safe time to go for Manaslu circuit trek. Summer season means a lot of rain. Consequently, the trekking trails might be slippery and full of leeches.
  • The outlook of the mountain ranges might be unclear giving you no benefit of a difficult trip.
  • If you decide to go on this season, trekking boots with a firm grip are a must.


  • Best time to go trekking safety wise and view wise.
  • Day time – warm (16 degrees)
  • Night time – cold but bearable (2 degrees)
  • Less difficult


  • Another felicitous time to Manaslu Circuit trek
  • Weather is analogous to that of spring or even better
  • Stable temperature
  • Vivid views


  • Unsafe
  • Temperature goes as down as -15 degrees
  • Requires much preparations
  • Manaslu trek difficulty level high


Ranging from 700 meters to 5213 meters, The difficulty of Manaslu Circuit trek is in a huge way a result of its high altitude. Manaslu trek difficulty for you highly depends on your capability to adjust to higher altitudes. The higher the altitude, the more you will be prone to Snow, breeze, and sun.

Altitude sickness might affect you no matter if you are a fledgling trekker or a seasoned trekker. Shortness of breath might make the trek harder for you. Altitude Sickness or Acute Mountain Sickness(AMS) abbreviated as AMS can lead to serious harm.

Symptoms of altitude sickness are: 

  •  Problem in breathing 
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Headache and dizziness
  • Difficulty in sleeping along with loss of appetite         
  • Rapid heartbeat

Some prevention measures to be adopted against Altitude Sickness and are:

  • Walking slowly over a long itinerary
  • Taking periodic and regular rest
  • Drinking water continuously
  • Consulting doctor

 Beneficial tips to be followed to avoid the Manaslu Circuit Trek difficulty are: 

  • Bringing energy drinks and protein bars along the journey
  • Get a Health checkup before the tip and ensure that you are physically up for it.
  • Bring the equipment as per your need to make your journey easy.
  • We recommend you get some health advice from your trekking colleagues and health professionals.
  • Be calm and follow the expedition leader.
  • Tag along with a personal first aid kit.

Find out about the trip itinerary the best you can.

To conclude this, Manaslu Trek difficulty level depends on the strength and endurance of Trekkers as well. If a trekker had been doing Leg strengthening exercises as preparation then, this trek will most likely be easy for them.

You can get other important information or even details regarding the trip on our website. Do consider the price difficulties as well. It might get frustrating at some point that you have to pay for hot bucket showers or even phone charging. But if you take a moment to realize how the tea shops and lodge owners are there in extreme situations to serve you, you will be grateful to them. 

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