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Things to see and to do in Pokhara

23rd Jul, 2022


Things to see and to do in Pokhara - Anyone who draws nearer to Pokhara City shouldn't miss this awesome area itself. Pokhara, as they claim, is a land of wonders. Perhaps you'd have a question about what's at Pokhara? What are the things to do and see in Pokhara? You can sit close to the mountains and slopes anyplace, lose yourself considering the wonder of this spot. Pokhara is where you have to investigate each part of regular magnificence once you move into this city. To both domestic and foreign visitors, Pokhara is one of the most appealing spots on Earth and is an incredible little town for any sort of occasion. Pokhara's appearance can barely be spoken to in single words. Here are a few things, genuine articles that should be possible in Pokhara to get a more critical glance at this mind-blowing city and wondrous land.

Table of Contents

Here are some of the things to see and do in Pokhara:

Boating in Begnas and Phewa Lake

Phewa Lake is among the tourist's main attractions, which is spectacular from different perspectives. This lake is on the southern side of the valley. Phewa Lake is incredibly wide and contains sections of the city of Sarangkot and Pokhara itself. This can also be called the nearby mountains Lap Lake. It is renowned for its peaceful lakes. The most prominent of these scenic lakes in Pokhara is the Phewa Dam. The lake creates an island, and it has a temple of Barahi on it. This serene Phewa lake provides an outstanding water-boating experience in Nepal. Broad and lush forest enriches the lake's surroundings. During the sailing, we will also have an overview of the vegetation, birds and wildlife.

Begnas Lake is likewise another most celebrated lake in the Kaski locale and the second-biggest of Pokhara lakes. This is somewhat a long way from the focal tiring city because of which this lake's peace and quiet remain normal. Fishing is popular too. Here, we see some locals enjoying fishing. At the same time, we can observe Mountain View too. This lake is much less packed and more peaceful than Phewa Lake. Begnas Lake gives us a beautiful boating experience in Nepal. One of the best things to see and do in Pokhara.

Skydiving at Pokhara

Pokhara is the perfect choice for someone who isn't able to skydive from the top of a mountain. The magnificent overview of the range of Annapurna and the Fewa Lake below is the kind of a beauty you would not want to skip. Experienced pilots with the skydiving ratings of the aircraft create your journey to Nepal less frightening and more enjoyable skydiving.

Pokhara only started the exciting sport in 2010 after two years of the Everest skydiving event. Until then, the startup, Skydiving by Pokhara has been doing well economically. Thousands of people are exploring Pokhara to witness this antiquated stunt. Numerous companies in the Pokhara region provide skydiving services.

One day Sky driving at Pokhara

Travel to drop zone Pame Danda, west of Lake Phewa. You will be given some tips for sky diving by experienced team members. In the backdrop of majestic mountain peaks and the breathtaking valley, B3 or B2 Helicopter can eventually carry you over the 12000 ft height jump and enjoy the free fall for a few seconds. Using the parachute you'll gently land on the ground.

Cost of Skydive

If you're reluctant to spend a few thousand dollars on skydiving on Everest then you can get an equally exciting experience with less spending. Though skydiving isn't inherently inexpensive, Pokhara skydiving provides affordable service compared to Everest. Nepali can enjoy the skydive for Rs 70,000 in Pokhara while foreigners should charge around $1000. The charge often varies according to the type of flight you've selected. You have to spend a few hundred dollars extra for a Tandem skydive than just a solo dive. So, you can travel alone without having to pay extra, if you're qualified enough.

Best Season for Skydiving

Skydiving is a high-risk sport where in October and November the season to skydive is preferred to others. The skydiver can choose to come to rest somewhere between Ama Dablam, the Khumbu, or Syangboche Airport while skydiving at Everest.

Hang Gliding or Ultralight Flight in Pokhara

Hang Gliding is an incredibly small plane that appears like a kite. It has no engine and is composed of a frame covered in fabric, the place where the pilot was hanging. It is a basic and famous aerial sport full of excitement, challenges and adventure. This is a recreational as well as a competitive sport, too. The best choice for those who want to tackle obstacles and gamble this adventure air sport then. The glider must be very focused and alert when flying on a hang gliding. Nepal is a country of fantasy adventure with stunning functionalities and hangs gliding is an exciting way to embrace aerial motion with a spectacular view of Nepal's natural beauty.

The hang gliding is made of aluminum alloy and is also fitted with the new flight control. Pilots will enjoy long flying and some aerobics experiencing the breathtaking high altitude sights. The location for hang gliding is Sarangkot, just above the Pokhara. Ultra-Light flight (aircraft) is the way to satisfy one's imagination by only soaring like a bird in the cloud. It's a kind of free flight that brings you the satisfying experience of flying that one barely gets an opportunity to do. It is a relaxed and pleasant scenic experience with no doubt, floating peacefully in the clouds. Ultra-Light Aircraft gives you a bird's eye view and the opportunity to explore the privilege of soaring above the earth and gliding across the sky. You will travel over beautiful valleys, ancient cities, winding rivers, ethnically diverse and complex, and thick forests, all protected by the Himalayan mountain chain.

Seasons for Hang Gliding or Ultralight Flight

The season runs from early October through to early May. Due to the current super stable weather during this period the most common months are January, November and December. Such months have, on average, just 3 out of 90 days non-flyable in the past 4 seasons. Durations 20 - 30 MINUTES

Pokhara Zip flying and Bungee Jumping

Pokhara Bungee Jumping is one of the tallest water touch bungee situated, 20-minute drive from Pokhara Lakeside. This site provides amazing sight of the Himalayas, the hills and the rivers that will take away your breath. First and only Bungee tower in Nepal, HighGround Bungee has something for all. 

Best time for bungee jumping:

While you can participate in the activity every time of the year, the best time is September to May. The jump is run just 4 days a week, that is, during the months of December to January, Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and from September to November, you can experience everything all the days except Monday.

Zip flying

Usually, zip flyer means riding in a zip line that is usually at full height, generating both fun and excitement. Since 2012, Zip flyer operates in Nepal, and it was one of Asia's greatest adventures. Nepal's Zip flyer is the longest, steepest, and quickest zip line in the country. Being the longest zip line on the planet, zip flyer in Nepal is one of the focuses of fascination for the sightseers of the world. Nepal's Zip flyer offers us a real and fascinating experience. The Sarankot Zipline ion is 1860 m long, 140 km per hour. With the zip line path, one can explore the scenery of Dhaulagiri range, Lamjung Himal, Annapurna, Fishtail, and the Pokhara Valley Panoramic View. It makes the ride enjoyable and unforgettable with the sight of those scenes and gorgeous vistas. Zip flyer is among Nepal's famous adventurous experience with the flow of both internal and external tourists it is a must-have experience. Adventure is just for fans of great adventure and only for those with perfect health, ensure you have no heart-related problems. Check for safety problems to tackle before leaving for the epic journey.

Paragliding in Pokhara

Nepal has numerous areas for paragliding and it happens that Pokhara is the most popular among them. Paragliding in Pokhara can't about the rush yet about the landscape and the harmony and calm away from the city's disasters. Paragliding in Pokhara is usually performed from Sarangkot's spectacular and show-stopping hill station. The fly runs for 30 to 40 minutes and you can cherish the incredible view from the sky of temples, lakes, towns and lots of mountains such as Mt. Machhapuchhre that is also called the Lamjung Himal, fishtail range, Annapurna, etc.

The first and most essential thing is that there are all sorts of protection precautions and you can comfortably land in the lakeside gathering in your heart plenty of wonderful moments. One of the best among the different activities to see and to do in Pokhara. Therefore Pokhara is the biggest attraction for all to interact with nature and to capture impressions in heaven, particularly by paragliding as it is the most favored sport among all the tourists who visit Pokhara.

Best Time for paragliding

Pokhara has clear weather throughout the year and friendly weather. Monsoon can be a really bad choice for paragliding from July through August. Around September and October, the strongest seasons are spring and autumn, around June and March. Winter too is not a bad choice. Only ensure it's not a boring day.

Kayaking and Seti River Rafting

Seti River in Nepal's historiography is often pointed to as one of the nation's sacred rivers. It has plenty of its own magical aspects. And what else might be more spectacular than placing an adventurous raft on the nation's exciting river and sailing your boat across the river's wrath! You can also find out the breathtaking nature when rafting along. The beautiful and holy Seti River is a short drive from the city and is ready to offer you additional excitement. Kayaking provides more enjoyable than rafting alone because of the complex physical existence of the Seti River. These days Kayaking has become a huge draw for many visitors to the Seti River.

Sarangkot Viewpoint

The viewpoint of the Sarangkot is situated on a peak of the hillside at an altitude of 1600 m with spectacular views of the Himalayas. Sarangkot is an enchanting sunrise and sunset hilltop. Sarangkot is known for paragliding, where Paragliding Company begins the experience of travel to see the magnificent Pokhara and the magnificent views of the mountains. Sarangkot is also popular for those who like to enjoy the scenery for quick hiking.

To reach the Sarangkot Viewpoint, you are expected to pay some parking fees. Retail price disparities for Nepali and non-Nepali people are small. For pay, the entry fees do bring pocket change. Small tourist shops and tea shops connect to the viewpoint. Here, the price might be a little high, but the scenery is simply incredible. If you're in Sarangkot then the easiest thing to do is participate in paragliding aside viewing the peaks. This is an endurance sport and is now becoming very prominent. This gives you the Pokhara Valley an incredible view together with mountains like Machapuchhre, Annapurna and Himchuli.

Mahendra Cave

Mahendra Gupha is one of the marvels in Pokhara which is the Mahendra Gupha. This large calcareous cave is affectionately known as Bats 'Home. A two-hour drive to the north of Pokhara, it's best to carry your own flashlight to see the stalagmites and stalactites, as well as the winged locals.

Bindhabasini Temple

The Temple of Bindabasini is among the valley's oldest and most famous temples. It is a popular temple regarded as among the Godly Energy Powerhouses. Bindabasini temple is a holy shrine devoted to the Hindu Goddess Durga who is the appointed guardian deity of Pokhara. Throughout Nepal's biggest festival, Dashain, citizens from all around the nation come to the shrine to give animal sacrifices to the goddess who's an overwhelming sight to do in Pokhara.

Davis Falls

One of Pokhara's popular attractions is Davis Falls. There's nothing very crafting or even enticing about the waterfall at first glance but a couple of splatters here and there. To order to truly experience its magnificence, one has to experience it at the monsoon season. The water bursts through the rocky slopes at that moment and falls into an underwater tunnel.

The creek crossings 'crashing noise spits human sound, and water splashing requires either an umbrella or raincoat. The high waters don't deter visitors from walking near the water but walk too close and you can sink in it. Davis Falls is a famous tourist location for tourists from Nepal and non-Nepali alike. Visit this spectacular place to see the unspoiled power of nature at its peak time.


Pokhara not only carries sky and water adventures but also offers spectacular land adventures. Pokhara is the path to many trekking attractions in the Upper Mustang region, the Annapurna region and in particular. Pokhara gives them all from a simple few days trip to the months-long trekking. These are the best things to see and to do in Pokhara. There is no question that the main source of income in Pokhara is hiking before anything else.

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