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Nepal Plans to Resume International and Domestic Flight after covid from August 17

8th Apr, 2022


You may have heard this news – Nepal plans to resume International and Domestic Flight after COVID from August 17. All the people around the world have suffered from a pandemic condition with COVID-19. Most people trapped in several different country towns. With the agreement between the two nations, some peoples have had the chance to return to their home country in safety measures. Nepal has been seeing declining cases of corona with the ongoing situation, so the government of Nepal has agreed to resume the national and international flights. In addition, numerous trekking companies, services, and hotels are about to open.

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The COVID-19 cases have been decreasing day by day after the four months of Lockdown. And for us, it is positive news. There are more people currently recovering and discharging than newly infected people. To date, there are 19,771 total contaminated populations of Nepal, in which 14,399 inhabitants have already recovered. 56 Total COVID-19 related deaths are mainly old-age and early diagnosed with many other diseases.  A number of cases of COVID-19 in Nepal are from near India ‘s border. The Himalayan region where tourist travel has been less infected and most places have been infected by zero until now so our tourist spot is completely safe from COVID-19. Providers of tourism destinations are ready to provide quality services.

Nepal Government plans to resume the international and domestic flights
Now, after four months of suspension, the low cases of COVID-19, the Nepal government has agreed to resume International and Domestic Flight after COVID-19 from August 17. After the flight operations resume in the country, the tourism sector, which has suffered because of the pandemic, is expected to be given a much-needed boost. The meeting recommended that the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Tourism, and Culture prepare guidelines for the safe operation of flights. Buddhi  Sagar Lamichhcne, Joint Secretary at the Civil Aviation Ministry said “ There are still some countries that enforce entry restrictions and will prepare the reports on countries where flights are not restricted and allow them to enter the country accordingly.

Yogendra Sakya, a movement exchange business person, said the infection has ended the typical schedules of regular day to day existence however the nation can’t stay on a similar routine until the end of time.

He also said, “ we need to do assignments and more effective discussions with the co-operative partners, the management team and wellness experts on How to maintain the trust of guests and ready to deal with the holidaymakers.

Several groups of travelers and citizens waited to get to Nepal after the launch of the international flight. Many of the tourist community, which was expected to come to Nepal in the April 2020 season, are waiting to switch their flight date which can now arrive after 17 August. Even in this pandemic case, new inquiries to visit Nepal are still underway.

International visitors planning to visit Nepal must also remain in quarantine by regular flights. Likewise, a COVID negative certificate has to be carried to Nepal within 72 hours of arrival. While tourists don’t need to remain in quarantine for 14 days; they do have to remain in the reserved hotel quarantined until the PCR report is provided. Health Ministry spokesperson Dr. Jageshwor Gautam said the visitor will have to remain at the hotel till the result of the PCR test is submitted. He said the study would take probably six days to arrive. ” In case if the result is negative, they can return. If it’s positive, they need to visit the hospital.” The visitors themselves have to pay the cost of PCR.

Analysts from the tourism industry said that if the country can draw at least 20 percent of last year’s visitors this autumn, it will tide the industry till next year. When the virus arrives, tourism effectively shut down. According to the Department of Immigration estimates, there were 13,30 and 100 international visitors to Nepal in March, May, and June respectively. And they were representatives, not visitors, of diplomatic missions. Over 100,000 happy vacationers will be getting off the flights every month during this season at Kathmandu airport, in normal times.

Tourism is one of Nepal ‘s major foreign-exchange earners. The overall contribution of travel and tourism to the country’s gross domestic product in 2018 stood at 7.9 percent, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council.

Planning to travel Nepal after COVID-19 pandemic? Here you can check out the Best place to visit after COVID-19 in Nepal. Feel free to have a conversation with us for any queries.

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