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22nd Jul, 2022

Trekking to the world's highest peak, Everest Base Camp, is undoubtedly every trekker's dream. Perhaps, the best time to visit Everest Base Camp Trek depends on the activities you would like to do there. For instance, if you're considering trekking, the finest seasons are spring (March-May) and fall (October-November). In contrast, a helicopter trip can be conducted whenever the weather is suitable, other than during the monsoon season. The stunning mountain view welcomes you in the winter, but you need to be prepared for the chilly weather. You’ll pass through thick rhododendron forest, farms, small towns, off-trail climbs, beautiful views, high mountain passes, and more. Walking by the Dudh Koshi river with a spectacular landscape view is a daydreaming experience. As a result, the Everest Base Camp Trek will be an exciting adventure.

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Why is it necessary to travel at the best time/season?

Climate is a crucial factor for the Everest Base Camp trek. You go through unpaved, muddy hills and high-altitude regions. It would be good for you to visit Everest Base Camp during a favorable season. You can thus get a clear view and prevent difficulties. However, the trails will welcome you with an incredible view of the Himalayas and an array of flora and fauna.

Here are some measured facts you should think about when considering a trip to Nepal:

Spring Season (March-May)

In the Everest region, spring is the most popular time of year for trekking with the busiest trails. This is the best time of year for trekking and high-altitude hiking because the weather is generally consistent and dry. The trails will welcome you with spectacular rivers, clear stunning mountains, and a dense forest of scarlet rhododendrons in bloom. With the right temperature, there are fewer chances of problematic snowfall during this season. But everything has a cost, and the Everest region's weather is no exception. The majority of the summits occur in the spring, Spring is when most of the summits take place. Climbers from all over the world who want to go on expeditions congregate here. It initially drives up the cost of living in the area.

Autumn (Sept-Oct)

The autumn season is another ideal time of year for luring hikers and climbers from all over the world. The most popular time of year for trekking is autumn. An influx of tourists and trekkers heads towards the Everest Base Camp. September to November is the peak period of the season. The rate remains equally as expensive as in the spring. The day greets the visitors with an autumnal glow and at night with cool breezes. It makes the scenery you see along the walk worthwhile. The primary benefit of trekking in this season is that there will be a variety of hiking options available. Such as the Gokyo Lake Trek with its panoramic views and absence of heat haze and clouds. In the fall, the monsoon rains clean the landscape. At the base camp, the temperature drops to -10 degrees Celsius during the day, making everything green and beautiful.

Monsoon (June-Aug)

In Nepal, the monsoon, also known as the rainy season, lasts from June to August. It is said that the rainy season is the least enjoyable for travel because it causes The likelihood of landslides, blurred and cloudy views, infections, and leeches, which could spoil your adventure, is high. Apart from the rain, it's warmer this time of year because it doesn't rain all day but every day, and flights in and out are more likely to operate due to unfavorable weather conditions. Even the paths are not thought to be the safest or in the best condition during the season because they will be wet and unpleasant with cloud-covered mountains and other scenery. However, due to poor air visibility, helicopter trips are also not seen as the ideal choice. Therefore, it is generally advised to avoid the Everest base camp trip during the rainy season. 

Winter (Nov-Jan)

Winter is the off-season for trekking, the temperature lowers from zero degrees to below zero (-20 degrees) at night and there are freezing cold conditions. This is the time of the year when we receive a lot of snow and the high passes remain closed due to it. In addition, because most people don't enjoy the winter months for hiking and climbing, the view of the mountains is breathtaking during this time of year with the clear winter skies and less traffic on the trails. Even so, the cost of flights throughout the season decreases slightly, making you more accessible. If you're planning a trek during this time of year, be sure to have enough winter gear, including warm clothing, jackets, thermal underwear, thick socks, gloves, and first aid supplies.

Peak Season Crowds

The EBC trek is the most popular trek in Nepal. The concept of trekking in Nepal emerged along with the very first expedition to "Mt. Everest." As previously indicated, spring and autumn are Nepal's busiest seasons, with packed routes in the Himalayas. Along with the popularity of the region comes difficulties. Therefore, Preparing your trip and hiring a guide from Lukla may be your best option if you're planning an EBC trek during the most popular season. Your chosen guide will be able to book your airline tickets from KTM to Lukla and beds according to your preferences. Otherwise, it can be challenging to find beds while trying to schedule a flight during the busy season. Not to mention that prices for both flights and lodging facilities are generally quite high.


One of the top trekking locations in the world is the Everest Base Camp Trek. You've missed the best hiking experience. If you're an adrenaline junkie,  Every place has a prime time of year. You can visit and enjoy your trip to the fullest, it makes it worthwhile to spend your money there. In case you want to view the Everest Base Camp at its best, check out our list of the best times to go there. Check out our list of the ideal times to visit Everest Base Camp if you want to see the base camp at its best. For further information, get in touch with us.

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