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Popular Treks in the Annapurna Region

23rd Apr, 2020


The popular treks in the Annapurna region drive you insane. The universality of the ANNAPURNA REGION is justified: you get such a changed victory of the scene and incline culture somewhere else and the collaborations are truly straightforward. Nepal is a nation that includes diversity in all respects including its agriculture, its topography, its agriculture, its citizens, and its culture and heritage. Containing amazing Himalayan scopes to its north and different charming social towns and networks, Nepal is eminent worldwide for its trekking encounters. From easy walks in the colorful foothills to mythical secret valleys that feel like Tibet and need special permits to explore, there is a wide variety of treks here. Whatever trek you pick, one thing is certain: the excellence of the mountains will leave you puzzled. Coming to toward the finish of the Annapurna Sanctuary in the core of the bazaar will carry you to tears, And then there's the Annapurna Circuit, Nepal's notable walk and one a spot to end a trek and a lovely spot to begin. Trekking in the Annapurna region with great correspondences and assurance is particularly achievable with mind-blowing close-up perspectives on the mountains only one day up the street.

Table of Contents

Tremendous perspectives you can have in Annapurna Region Trekking

Annapurna trekking spans a wide variety of historical and geographical variations and introduces every small element of its natural and economic prosperity. In the Annapurna region, the lifestyle and culture of the inhabitants are incredibly interesting Indeed, even the remote networks in this path offer rich cabins and inns excitedly sitting tight with enormous cordiality for the guests. A portion of the little features of this trekking is rich forest, underground aquifers, green paddy fields, and chilly zones. The Annapurna II, Annapurna III, Machhapuchhre, Tilicho, and Dhaulagiri are significant mountains and scopes of the Himalayas seen during this course. Capturing the views from the Poonhill viewpoint over all of these Himalayan ranges and mountains is a beautiful experience. Poonhill viewpoint offers spectacular views of those mountains from the sunrise and sunset. Barga's Buddhist Monastery, Muktinath's traveler town, and Tatopaani's regular natural aquifer are a couple of attractions that convey critical strict convictions. The Cross Thorong La (5416 m) is the proposed goal offering you an amazing perspective on the Himalayas.

When is the best time for a trip to the Annapurna region?

It is anything but difficult to make a trip to Nepal for the vast majority of the year yet the best time to go is in spring (March-April) and fall (October-November) for strolling and trekking in this region. Our climate and precipitation diagrams will furnish you with a guide to the Annapurna atmosphere. Harvest time is viewed as the ideal time to visit the Annapurna.  The mountain sees are at their best, with a dry climate and bright, spotless sky. After the mid-year rainstorm, the scene is green and rich. The famous trails can be busy during this time, however, and departures will book up quickly, so make a reservation if you want to hike in Nepal in the autumn. The days are generally dry and brilliant in winter, yet the nights can be freezing at height, and a few high passes can be secured by a day off. While it probably won't be conceivable to take a high-elevation climb, winter can be an extraordinary time to visit Nepal in light of the fact that there are lesser guests. There are some extraordinary climbing and trekking occasions reasonable for a courageous winter excursion. Skies might be gloomier than summer, however, the staggering magnolia and rhododendron will be in blossom. They are required to desert the entirety of our Easter occasions. Nepal encounters rainstorm downpours during summer, from June to August. There are no tough sights, similarly as development tumult, so trekking in the Annapurnas or Everest area isn't valuable during the season. Exchange mountains, for instance, Dolpo advancement Mustang, are at their top all through the mid-year due to lie in the deluge shadow.

The Cultural Diversity of Annapurna Region

The area's cultural diversity includes people of descent from Gurung and Magar. Ethnic groups of Gurung and Magar dominate in the south while people of Thakali, Manage, and Loba is more common in the north. Each one of these communities uses its own accent and has its own special customs and beliefs. Chhetri, Kami, Brahmin, and Newar ethnicities and other professional casts in the peripheral parts of the state also occur in relatively smaller groups. The Annapurna has a strong concentration of Hindu and Buddhist culture. In most Gurung villages the population layout is largely clumped, while the settlements appear to be more dispersed in other racial villages. This region's highly diverse society attracts significant numbers of visitors. Just like many other rural areas in Nepal, the people in the Annapurna region rely for their livelihood on conventional farming techniques and farming, along with tourist industry and livestock farming. Many citizens also participate in other cultural-economic activities such as porters, the service of lodges and tea shops, the manufacture and selling of arts and crafts, and the collection of herbal remedies. In other things, too, the local people's reliance on natural resources is seen overwhelmingly. When traveling in Annapurna, it is an experience that really excites tourists to witness many special rituals of the ethnic people. For instance, one fascinating practice practiced by the Gurung people, called tuno bandhane, occurs 3 days after a baby is born. This tradition includes covering the newborn child in a long piece of fabric once the baby's cow's milk washed away. Other traditions of the region have included the Magar ladies decorating themselves with fulis in the middle sections of their ears and necklaces made from glass beads and coins in typical Magar attire. Also, other ethnicities highlight their agility throughout religious festivals and celebrations in traditional outfits and folk dance and folk songs.

Some Popular Treks in Annapurna Region

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

The Annapurna Base Camp is one of the region's popular trekking destinations. Getting to Annapurna's base camp is a hiking experience undertaken by travelers from around the world. The path to the base camp consists of steady trekking paths that traverse the villages and mountain ranges of the area. It is a popular trekking adventure in Nepal, as well as the most prominent trekking travel in the country. The Annapurna Base Camp Trek begins from the city of Pokhara and includes the western segments of the Annapurna Himal range making an appearance across the way in a very abundant and impressive fashion. The western face of the Annapurna massif, consisting of Hiunchuli, Fang, Gangapurna, Annapurna III, the Annapurna North, and the Machhapuchhre Himal, is formed in a specific shape that produces a bend with a diameter of almost 10 miles. This is close to a natural amphitheater in the Himalayas, where trekkers ride along plains with beautiful landscapes and cultural villages.

Highlights of Annapurna Base Camp Trek

  • The journey will drive you through the protected area of Annapurna together with breathtaking views of the Annapurna mountains.
  • Vivid show of culture and hospitality at Gurung across the trekking paths.
  • Explore the rural Nepali way of living
  • Attend the base camp of Machhapuchhre (3700 m away) on the journey to ABC.
  • Pleasant sunrise view from Poon Hill
  • Experience the beautiful hot spring
  • Enjoy Buddhist culture
  • Many ethnic groups you could see on the way
  • Breathtaking view from Annapurna base camp
  • Explore the soldier village of Gorkha.

Trip Fact

Height: 4,130m
Best Season: September-November & March-May
Grade: Moderate
Activity: Sightseeing/ Trekking
Transportation: Private bus/plane
Treks Type: Tea house

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek

The Annapurna Sanctuary is an important part of the protected area of Annapurna. It is a large tectonic basin located immediately north of Pokhara 40 kilometers. The sanctuary's geography represents an oval-shaped mountain that lies 4,000 meters above sea level. The path to the sanctuary is positioned in the deep gorge between the Machhapuchhre peaks and both the Hiunchuli, enclosed by a ring of Annapurna Mountains. Due to high peaks in all directions, at summer height the Annapurna Sanctuary achieves only 7 hours of sunlight a day. The sanctuary's uncanny coincidence of altitude and depth ultimately leads to a range of habitats, with bamboos and rhododendron thriving on its southern slope and a rough arid plateau representing the northward Tibetan plateau. The whole sanctuary is kept by the Gurung citizens as precious and they assume the place was a storehouse of gold and numerous resources left by the Nagas — the serpent gods.

Highlights of Annapurna Sanctuary Trek

  • Sightseeing day in Kathmandu Valley
  • Short drive to Poon Hill (3210 m)
  • Arrival at Annapurna Base Camp 4130 m
  • An incredible sunrise glimpse of the magnificent Himalayan Mountains
  • Spectacular walk through the beautiful scenery
  • Magnificent Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges
  • Relaxing in the natural hot spring at Jhinu dada
  • Adventurous trips in the beautiful river town of Pokhara


Trip Fact

Height: 4,130m
Best Season: September-November & March-May
Grade: Moderate
Activity: Sightseeing/ Trekking
Transportation: Tourist Bus
Treks Type: Tea house trek

 Annapurna Circuit trek

One of the world’s prominent treks is Annapurna Circuit Trek. It is a journey towards Pokhara's northern portion. The Annapurna Circuit offers one of the nicest trekking and exploration locations. Annapurna Circuit Trek provides among the most varied and challenging hiking pathways worldwide. This trip is perfect for those seeking a trip that could be customized to fit a shorter, more relaxing location, as well as for those travelers who want to face challenges. Annapurna Circuit Trek is a delightful experience to enjoy throughout your life. The tour encompasses the view from nearby Annapurna Massif Annapurna I, Annapurna III, Gangapurna, Annapurna IV, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna II, Machhapuchre, and Tilicho peak. This trip is called the classic Nepal trek to explore the vast diversity, and Nepal is acclaimed for its cultural heritage. The Annapurna Trekking circuit is the most popular and popular trekking field in the Annapurna regions.

Highlights of Annapurna Circuit Trek

  • Crossing Thorong La Pass's highest pass in the world: you'll get a feeling of pride for doing so along with the spectacular views.
  • A chance to explore Nepal's Magar and Gurung Culture. You'll move through and live in certain communities where you'll communicate with locals.
  • Absolutely fantastic overview of the Mountains: Annapurna range, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, and several other ranges
  • Analyze the nature of Nepal's remarkable diversity.
  • Visit the shrine of Muktinath, one of Hindus 'holiest temples.
  • Along your way you can observe the deepest gorge in the world, Kali-Gandaki Gorge
  • View different gorges, lakes wild rivers, and enchanting waterfalls.


Trip Fact

Height: 5,416m
Best Season: September-November & March-May
Grade: Moderate & High Passes
Activity: Sightseeing/ Trekking
Transportation: Private bus/plane
Treks Type: Tea house

Poon Hill trek

Poon Hill is a popular point of view in the Annapurna region, offering a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding mountain escarpment of Annapurna. It is viewed by several trekkers and is an area's very popular tourist attraction. Due to its high spectacular view, trekkers prefer to return early in the morning and walk from Ghorepani to Poon Hill to glimpse at the rising sun's mesmerizing occurrence in the middle of the Annapurna mountains. The shifting colors of the cerulean cliffs are very dazzling, as the reflected light moves over their surface. Poon Hill has always been a portion of the Annapurna Base Camp Trek and one of the most spectacular features of the area is the completely open outcrop of the viewpoint with a glimpse of the mountains right in front. It is achieved by hiking from Ghorepani- a small town that takes place along the trail to the base camp. Incidentally, Ghorepani also boasts one of Nepal's highest rhododendron forests.

Highlights of Poon Hill Trek

  • Easy and Best trek amongst numerous chains in Nepal willing to offer popular tea houses along the way.
  • A sunrise morning eye-catching sight.
  • Treat yourself to the rich Gurung community, tradition, and language.
  • Observing massive peaks from Annapurna and Dhaulagiri viewpoint destinations.
  • Colonies that hold specific homes, planned and constructed by local residents are equally appealing to others.

Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal Trek is a quick but exciting trek that is perfect for travelers seeking a quick getaway back from the hectic life. This Trek is a quick trek in the Annapurna region with breathtaking views. You can climb the heights of Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Manaslu simultaneously. In the spring sun, you will appreciate the mountains sparkling close enough to touch. While this trip is in our best 5 best spring Annapurna treks. This area is also blessed with beautiful flowers such as rhododendron and wildflowers. This allows hiking vivid and appealing to the eyes here. The love and kindness of the local residents make you feel good for your heart. The path leads you across the towns of Siding Kande, Pothana, and Deurali. Take you 4500 m above, the low camp, the forest camp, the middle camp, and the base camp are areas to be fun. You are expected to be at ease, with the morning sun shining through Mardi Himal.

Highlights of Mardi Himal Trek

  • Cultural villages and refined hospitality
  • Closet view of the beautiful Himalayan Annapurna
  • Splendid mountain view
  • Natural beauty passes woodland of rhododendrons and oaks, flora, fauna, mountains, lakes)
  • The wonderful country valleys, the farming on the terrace, and the mountain sceneries
  • Lamjung Himal, Fishtail, Annapurna ranges, Dhaulagiri, breathtaking mountain vistas.

Trip Fact

Best Season: September-November & March-May
Grade: Moderate
Activity: Sightseeing/ Trekking
Transportation: Private bus/plane
Treks Type: Tea house


Khopra Hill Trek

The latest trekking Khopra Hill Trek, a choice for the hiker who enjoys more intriguingly enjoying the glory of the Annapurna region. This is a straightforward trek that has as of late tempted a significant number of the nearby trekkers. It is a magnificent mix of timberland, green woods, and charming towns. Khopra trek is among the best mountain treks with the dazzling and unmatched points of view of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna ranges conveying you into the focal point of the Annapurna. Referring to the Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, this trek was a simple option for trekkers frankly. Many hikers enjoy this trek due to its less crowded path or off the beaten track. This also provides in excess breathtaking views of the peaks and other gorgeous vistas. From the hill of Khopra, you can see stunning views of the range of Annapurna like Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Hiunchuli, Annapurna South, Mt. Macchapucchre, Annapurna I, Annapurna II, Annapurna III, Nilgiri, etc.

Highlights of Khopra Hill Trek

  • Nurtured terrace, fantastic views over North Annapurna, Fishtail, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, & more.
  • Awakening to the breathtaking views of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna range.
  • Find more about the Gurung and other ethnic communities and their community lives.
  • Natural hot springs along the trekking paths, and peaceful waterfalls.

Trip Fact

Height: 4,500m
Best Season: September-November & March-May
Grade: Moderate
Duration: 10 Days
Activity: Sightseeing/Trekking
Transportation: Private bus/plane
Treks Type: Tea House



Muktinath is a well-known heavenly spot that has a place with both Hindu individuals and Buddhists. The Muktinath sanctuary is situated at the base of the Thorung la Pass, and it is a most loved goal that happens during the Annapurna Circuit Trek. Muktinath is now and then alluded to as "a position of redemption" and is viewed as an unequivocally loved spot of otherworldly importance. It is one of the oldest places of worship devoted to Lord Vishnu. The little monument features bronze depictions of Bhoodevi- Lakshmi's Earth-Goddess form and a living creature-sized golden statue of Lord Vishnu. The temple also shows depictions of Lava-Kusa, Lord Ram's sons, and Princess Sita. Muktinath is regarded as a significant location for Dakinis, goddesses recognized as Sky Dancers, for the Tibetan Buddhists, and the temple is one of the 24 Tantric sites. Behind the temple, there is also a semi-circular wall that has 108 rock appliances with faces formed into a bull. Such faucets flow through the ice-cold water of the Kali Gandaki River, and visitors frequently stand underneath each sprout.

Highlights of Muktinath Temple

  • Continues to follow the ancient path of salt trade among both Nepal and Tibet.
  • Journey to Muktinath, a pilgrimage site for Hindu and Buddhists.
  • The sights of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalayan ranges are breathtaking.
  • Jomsom ride over the Himalayas.
  • Admire the view from Poon Hill over the sunrise.

 Trip Fact

Height: 3,800m
Best Season: September-November & March-May
Grade: Moderate
Activity: Sightseeing/Trekking
Transportation: Private bus/plane

The area of Annapurna has many more high points to show. Trekking in the area of Annapurna is one of Nepal's most exciting and spectacular encounters and is a perfect way to get more into the vibrant beauty of Nepal and its many layers of genuine history, religion, culture, and attractions.

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