Why Travel in Nepal?

There are such a lot of wonderful things to envision and do in this world we live in, Then Why not traveling?? Vacations are one of the most rewarding prescriptions that keep you young and mind fresh. So, if you are planning for a short vacation then Nepal can be the perfect choice for you.

Why Travel in Nepal?

Nepal is known for its astounding mountain vistas, kind and hospitable people, rich in culture and heritage. Nepal can provide you the best thing as per your requirements and desires. Nepal can be suitable for solo traveler as well as any kind of group traveler. Choose Nepal for a life-changing experience where you can see many things which will surprise you. Researchers or students who are related to archaeology, geology, cultural can do analysis and research work over here.

The kind of vacation you can have:

People have different tastes as per person So, as per your interest and wish you can pick and enjoy the holiday.

·         Religious tour 

 ·        Hiking

 ·        Trekking in Nepal

 ·        Peak climbing in Nepal 

 ·        River Rafting

 ·        Nepal Tour

 ·        Explore the Himalaya

 ·        Trekking

 ·        Sightseeing and many more… 

Every activity you choose will be fascinating and surprising. Nepal is a safe place for travelers. People are very much kind-hearted and loving. In Nepal, Atithi Devo Bhava is a Sanskrit verse, translated it means “The guest is equivalent to God” prescribes a dynamic of the host-guest relationship. Regarding this, as many as 100 nationalities are speaking more than 125 different languages. Nepal is known for the highest mountain peaks in the world. Nepal is considered as the Country of worlds 8 Cultural Heritage sites and 2 natural Heritages sites. As the best adventure tourism destination in the world, Nepal has all the conditions for qualifying. So Hurry up and do travel Nepal with us; Definitely, you going to have the best part of your life with Info Trekking Nepal.