Tour in Nepal

Nepal is the perfect place where many cultures and religions co-exist. We offer tour in Nepal with a variety of tour packages, including land scenery and local residents with secret ethnic cultures and traditions. Kathmandu, the Nepalese capital, is one of the most impressive towns in Southern Asia, with its rich tradition and culture. Visiting Nepal is an experience for culture and history, soaking at great Durbar Squares, Hindu monasteries and Buddhist, decorating the Royal Palaces, and crowded streets.

This country has a rich biodiversity, old heritage and huge natural beauty that captures every visitor's heart. Tour in Nepal is a perfect way to immerse you in various cultures and to discover the only country that worships a living Goddess(Kumari). Kathmandu is a repository of historical, cultural and monumental monuments. Of importance, Kathmandu has 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Furthermore, the incredible geography of Nepal is one of the best mountaineering, trekking and hiking, paragliding, bungee and many more destinations in the country.

The best tour of Nepal provides a complete insight into the local residents and old cultural and famous monuments in Nepal. The travel is pleasing with chances for sightseeing and adventure. Tours in Nepal take travelers for an unforgettable holiday on a guided tour through the beautiful country. Tour in Nepal includes Kathmandu Tour, Lumbini Tour, Dhulikhel Tour, Gorkha Tour, Patan Tour, Chitwan Tour, and all around Nepal. It also provides spectacular views of the mountains, sunrise and sunset areas.

With Info Trekking Nepal, you will enjoy the different features of Nepal's tourist package programs in terms of natural resources, geography, social structure, and cultural architecture. You are very impressed by the way people live in peace and harmony in Nepal despite their differences. The traditions, culture, people and mountains will certainly make you want to visit Nepal for a longer period again. Explore our all Tour in Nepal Packages!

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