Kathmandu UNESCO Site Tour nepal

Kathmandu UNESCO Site Tour nepal

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  • Cultural Heritage Sites Tour

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4 Days

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Kathmandu UNESCO Site Tour

Info Trekking Nepal has specially composed this Kathmandu Day Tour package for those individuals who just have a brief span in Kathmandu to see its magnificent social world legacy. This is a guided touring social day tour in Kathmandu where we have our accomplished guide to take you around the legacy destinations to investigate the sights and hints of the city's marvels and to comprehend it in a better way. The day-long 

Kathmandu Day Tour is an entire bundled visit that is installed with history, nature, and culture inside the Kathmandu valley. The visit is tied in with investigating the most intriguing and fantastic places in the valley. Kathmandu is a recorded place and a socially rich capital city of the nation. The city is additionally notable for structural artful culminations as old as 2000 years.


Some of the extravagant destinations the Kathmandu Day Tour covers are; Swayambhunath Temple which implies " The altar existing without anyone else's input' – it is regularly called 'The Monkey Temple' by the westerners as there are loads of monkeys hastening around the place make the place truly fascinating and alive. 

Next on our list is Kathmandu Durbar Square which lies in the core of the city. Local people of Kathmandu call it Hanuman Dhoka as it is named after the Monkey God, Hanuman. The Kathmandu Day Tour also includes the holy Pashupatinath temple which is devoted to Lord Shiva and signifies 'The Lord of all Creatures and the God of Gods. It is a World Heritage Site and deceives the eastern side of Kathmandu on the banks of the heavenly river Bagmati. 

The next striking destination on our list is the Boudhanath Stupa, which has also been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Boudhanath signifies 'The Lord of Wisdom' and is the greatest Stupa in the Asian subcontinent. It is believed that all the people across the globe must once visit it once in their lifetime. Kathmandu Day Tour constitutes various other extravagant and historically worth praised destinations which are sure to boggle your mind.

Come join this extravagant Kathmandu Day Tour with the highly trained team of Info Trekking Nepal to grab a handful of the historical and cultural legacy that Nepal beholds within its beauty.

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I would like to say thanks to Info Trekking Nepal Pvt.Ltd. it is one of the best trekking/any kinds of travel organizer company in Nepal. When I started to talk with Info Trekking Nepal Pvt. Ltd. they deal very fast and live supporter staff, and very excellent Guide helpful porter, lovely service as well as knowledgeable in every topic hearty thanks Mr. Kubindra.

Review By: Ratan Mallik

Address: Mumbai India

I would like to say thanks to Info Trekking Nepal Pvt.Ltd.

9th Apr, 2022

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