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Khopra Hill Trek



12th Oct, 2022

We did the  Khopra Hill Tek that lasted a week with Info Trekking Nepal. Their assistase was courteous, accommodating, trustworthy, professional, and reasonabe price. Thank you so much to for giving us knowledgeable and wonderfull guide Kishor. W and we would like to recommand to all travelers without any doubt choose this organizer  to hikeking, trekking or any tours in Nepal.

Upper Dolpo Trek



15th Apr, 2022

You must bring a hiking guide with you if you plan to enter Nepal's prohibited areas. You won't be able to enter Nepal's restricted areas if you don't obey.

Likewise, Upper Dolpo Trek is one of the restricted zones of Nepal where you require a special permit and a guide along with you. After reading the reviews on their website, I decided to go with Info Trekking Nepal. Kubindra served us politely and professionally right from the start. 

The trip was reasonably priced, and the services were first-rate. He spoke English really well and knew a lot about everything. Therefore, I have no qualms in recommending Info Trekking Nepal for your Upper Dolpo Trek as well as other treks.

Upper Dolpo Trek



10th Mar, 2022

With Info Trekking Nepal, your trip choices in Nepal can never be wrong. They provided me with the most knowledgeable guide and the best trekking companions I could have hoped for.

From the moment I arrived, they treated me extremely well. I was also picked up and dropped off at the airport for my departure. My guide for the Upper Dolpo Trek was K.K. Karki. Above all, he was a very kind individual who spoke English well. He was also quite knowledgeable about the area.

They were definitely quite tight about it and very attentive to my safety. Working with Info Trekking Nepal was a delight. I hope my evaluation will convince you to select Info Trekking Nepal.

Rara Lake Trek


Costa Rica

25th Apr, 2022

Thank you so much for an incredible trip to Rara Lake, Mr. Kubindra, and Info Trekking Nepal. The warmest welcome we've ever had in Nepal has been provided by them.

Since the minute I contacted them with a question, they have responded to my email in a very timely manner. The managing director's communication abilities and clarity of purpose were really excellent.

The only thing that draws us to a travel agent is their assurance and clarity in their communication with us. I decided to go with them because of this, and it was the greatest option I had. Everyone is recommended to use them. 

Rara Lake Trek


United States

10th May, 2022

My first trip to Nepal has been an amazing experience major thanks to Info Trekking Nepal and its team. I traveled with the most incredible group of folks.

While searching the internet, I came across Info Trekking Nepal, which offered a variety of incredible packages at affordable prices. I decided on the Rara Lake Trek because it is the largest lake in Nepal and it seemed fascinating.

In addition, the trek itself was fantastic with experienced guides. Everything we would need for our hike was included in the carefully thought-out schedule. They were genuinely kind and selfless, taking care of even the smallest details. I sincerely appreciate your incredible effort and definitely suggest them to you.

Dhaulagiri Trekking



20th May, 2022

Info Trekking Nepal!

provided us with a fantastic excursion to Dhaulagiri Trek. We planned to visit Nepal for four weeks and had a group of five people. Additionally, I spent a few weeks in Pokhara. After our first day in Kathmandu, they planned the ideal route for us to take as we made our way toward lake city.

At the airport, we were flawlessly welcomed and directed to our accommodation. The next day, we traveled peacefully to Pokhara. we also wanted to explore the motorways. We left Pokhara after a short time and began the Dhaulagiri trek.

We had the greatest adventure we could have possibly had thanks to careful planning. Dhaulagiri Trek was the best decision I've ever made, and Info Trekking Nepal is entire to give credit. I want to thank you all for the most amazing trek!!!

Manaslu Circuit Trek



5th May, 2022

I finished my third and best trek to the Manaslu Circuit with my companions in Nepal in May 2022. On our Manaslu Circuit Trek, Kubindra and Info Trekking Nepal did a fantastic job. I first connected with them online for my 2019 Mardi Himal trek in Nepal. Following that, I re-joined them for the trek to Annapurna Base Camp.

With the great pleasure I had with them, I am now, in 2022, sharing my best experience. On each of my trips, I was greeted with the utmost joy, and their hospitality and services have never changed. They have excellent, knowledgeable trek guides on hand to provide you with all the information you need to know about the area. I also advise you to try them.

The tour was generally quite educational. We had the most knowledgeable and skilled professional guide, and because of how much he taught us about the area, we were completely captivated by its beauty. Thank you Info Trekking Nepal for the incredible memory of a lifetime.

Everest Three High Pass Trek



22nd May, 2022

We all did it, after all.  Along with a few students, I traveled to Nepal for the Everest Three High Pass Trek. What a success that was, and Info Trekking Nepal's enormous support was the key to it. Kubindra and his colleagues deserve a standing ovation for their professionalism.

Despite how reluctant I was to entrust my students to anyone in a distant country, I did it. Perhaps it was only possible because of Kubindra's unwavering assistance and attention to every person. Without you, we couldn't have made it.

Info Trekking Nepal is the best travel companion for any kind of doubt you may have regarding your trip. I'd like to recommend it to you and your family as well.

Everest Three High Pass Trek



20th Feb, 2022

Great team and Great people!!

With Info Trekking Nepal, the Everest Three High Pass Trek was incredible. The route was ideal, and the trip was expertly arranged with all the necessary safety equipment. Even the altitude sickness wasn't much of a problem for us during the trip.

I was enthralled by the trek and admired their work. As I said, the team was excellent and the personnel was quite knowledgeable. On my upcoming journey, I'll be back with you guys again.

Best wishes!!

Everest Three High Pass Trek


United Kingdom

10th Feb, 2022

What could be more thrilling than hiking in the Everest region and enjoying a breathtaking view of the highest peak in the world? Yes! I've recently had the most exciting adventure of my life with Info Trekking Nepal.

I participated in Info Trekking Nepal's Everest Three High Pass Trek, which is a thrilling experience. I've been going on hikes all over the place for a while, and this time I decided to go to the Everest region.

I've been to Nepal several times, and this summer I was looking for a change, so I switched travel agencies and, on the advice of my cousin, discovered Info Trekking Nepal. I'd want to say that it was the best trek, in fact. Thank you, Kubindra, and your team for this wonderful experience. 

Everest Three High Pass Trek


United Kingdom

14th Sep, 2019

Hello, this is Oscar.

I'm a backpacker. who enjoys taking trips abroad, particularly mountain mountaineering. In a similar vein, I wanted to visit Nepal in the hope that one day I would definitely succeed in climbing Everest.

So, with the assistance of Mr. Kubindra of Info Trekking Nepal, I took the decision to travel to Nepal in 2019. I contacted Kubindra through Info Trekking Nepal's Instagram page and found him there. We spoke on WhatsApp for hours about my never-ending questions.

But he never broached the subject of my nags with me. He used to answer with great speed and delicacy. I told him that I wanted to climb Everest, and he suggested that I start with the three passes for beginners before moving on to some peaks and, ultimately, Everest. He responded in a calm, thoughtful manner.

I used InfoTrekking Nepal for my Everest three-high pass trip. It was my favorite experience. I'll very certainly go back with them, and I heartily urge you to do the same. 

Everest Gokyo Lake Trek



25th Mar, 2022

Hello Kubindra,

You work as a fantastic travel agent. I want to express my gratitude for such a wonderful journey to the Everest Gokyo Lake trek. I sincerely appreciate everyone who has supported me and accommodated me, and the people I have met along the trail.

Overall, Info Trekking Nepal and its team made Nepal a wonderful experience. For the most part, the entire trip was properly acclimatized to prevent altitude sickness.

Furthermore, I have trusted Kubindra since our first conversation, and this is now the best choice I've ever made in my life. You guys are the most amazing people, and I would never hesitate to collaborate with you again in the future.

Everest Gokyo Lake Trek



15th May, 2022

An amazing trek provider with incredible trek packages!

The hike to Everest Gokyo Lake was very well-organized by Kubindra from Info Trekking Nepal. For the journey, he provided us with a porter and a guide.

They were both very polite and proficient in their work. They were acting in a completely rational way. They went above and beyond to make sure that everything was pleasant and correct for us at every turn.

Our journey was successful, and we arrived at our destination. My breath was briefly taken away by the breathtaking vistas of the mountains and the lake.

Everest Gokyo Lake Trek



10th Apr, 2022

I recently returned from the Everest Gokyo Trek's most exciting adventure. The most amazing journey of my life was, in fact, this one. Nepal is enchanted. One must have this once-in-a-lifetime experience since it is the definition of heaven on earth.

Without a doubt, I had the most amazing experience of my life. And all of this was possible thanks to Info Trekking Nepal's tremendous assistance and professional excellence.

It was the best choice I've ever made in my life, and I'm happy to have found them through a friend of mine. Likewise, I also want to give you my recommendation for them.

Everest Gokyo Lake Trek



5th Apr, 2022

I happened to come across Info Trekking Nepal while surfing the web, and I consider myself really fortunate to have done so. To help me navigate the trails, they gave me a fantastic trekking guide.

I am appreciative of their unrestricted assistance and the care they demonstrated for my safety and protection above all else. Most importantly, I was so worried that I almost considered the end when I first had altitude sickness.

On the Everest Gokyo Nepal Trek, I must say that Info Trekking Nepal and their team were excellent. My altitude sickness was treated right away, and they drove me back to where I had started.

I would heartily recommend Info Trekking Nepal to everyone in my family and friends who is considering a trip to Nepal.

Everest Gokyo Lake Trek


Bahamas The

5th Apr, 2022

I want to start by thanking Info Trekking Nepal for a fantastic trek to Gokyo lake. Second, I want to express my gratitude to Mr. Kubindra Basnet and his entire staff, especially our trekking guide, kk Karki.

During the Everest Gokyo Trek, I had the most incredible experience of my life. Everything was meticulously planned and executed, right down to the trek meals and lodging. There wasn't much that we struggled with.

Our tour guide was very knowledgeable about the area and gave us all the information we required about the Everest region. I would like to give you my recommendation for them.

Everest Base Camp Trek 14 Days



13th May, 2022

The best choice I've ever made in my life was definitely to enjoy 14 days trek to Everest Base Camp. But Info Trekking Nepal deserves all the attention. They were the best decision I've ever made, and I found them on Google.

They respond to all of our questions concerning the hike and are available online around-the-clock. The cost is also very affordable. A trip planner with a high level of professionalism and the friendliest hiking companion.

They are highly recommended for your next adventure, and I'll probably go back to them again.

Everest Base Camp Trek 14 Days



13th May, 2022

Hello to everybody! This 14-day trek to Everest Base Camp is the one for you if you're seeking the best trek to the highest peak in the world. With the greatest view of Mount Everest, this is the best getaway in the Solukhumbu area.

With one of my friends, I visited Nepal for a brief period as part of his extended business trip. And when I did make it to Nepal, I decided I wanted to hike to the base of Mount Everest, so I looked up Info Trekking Nepal in a neighborhood named Paknajol, Thamel.

The managing director and I were discussing the quickest route to the Everest Base Camp as I sat in their office, and he offered a 14-day trek. It was a pleasure for me to go with them. Everything was well planned out during the journey. And I simply had to give you guys my highest recommendation.

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek


United States

15th Apr, 2022

On April 15th, my company and I successfully finished the Annapurna Sanctuary trip with Info Trekking Nepal, and it couldn't have gone better! Traveling with Kubindra and his group was fantastic.

With all of the trip arrangements, they took great care of us and were the finest at what they did. I'm sorry he was so compassionate with us, even though we made things difficult for him.

We are grateful to Kubindra for making everything possible for this amazing excursion. We admired your commitment to your profession and arduous effort. I'd advise Info Trekking Nepal as your perfect travel partner.

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek


United States

1st Apr, 2022

For our walk across the Annapurna Sanctuary, we went with Info Trekking Nepal, and it was the most incredible experience of our lives. It was immediately apparent that Kubindra was well knowledgeable about the area and its inhabitants.

What draws me back to Nepal time and time again is the country's untamed faces and mountain peaks. Additionally, Info Trekking Nepal is pretty much the greatest travel guide you can get. They worked extremely hard to make sure that our trip was perfect in every way, so I would give them a 10/10.

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek


Korea South

28th Feb, 2022

When I decided I wanted to visit Nepal, I started looking into Nepalese tour operators and came across Info Trekking Nepal. They made me feel extremely comfortable and secure right from the start of my email inquiries.

Since they were so transparent about their job and provided prompt answers to all of my queries, I knew I was in the right place as soon as I walked in. I had fantastic company during my trek to the Annapurna Sanctuary thanks to Kubindra and his company.

Given how fascinating the trekking routes in Nepal are, I would definitely organize further trips with Info Trekking Nepal because I had the most comfortable experience possible. I'll therefore undoubtedly return to Nepal soon to try out some other routes.

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek



20th Feb, 2022


Jeffrey here, and I traveled to Nepal to embark on the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek. My first solo trek required meticulous planning. Even though high-altitude trekking involves uncertainty, shouldn't we at least try to make things right? 

Similarly, when scrolling endlessly over the website in search of a trustworthy travel agency, I came across Info Trekking Nepal. Kubindra, the managing director, was pretty amazing as I happened to query them regarding my skepticism. They seem to be the underdog among Nepali trekking companies, so I wanted to believe in them.

Finally, it ended up being the best choice I've ever made. The accommodations were 10/10, the food was 10/10, the service was 10/10, the transportation options were 10/10, and to top it all off, the entire vacation was 100/10 if I could rate them like that. They have highly suggested guys to help in their development.

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek


Netherlands Antilles

12th Jan, 2022

I want to sincerely thank Info Trekking Nepal and its crew for putting together such a fantastic journey. The best trek I've ever taken was definitely to the Annapurna Sanctuary. And Kubindra, the managing director, deserves the bulk of the credit.

I appreciate the wonderful travel arrangements and your genuine care for my security and safety. In that distant country, it was really moving.

If you guys hadn't helped me the entire time, I truly believe that I would have messed up everything and been unable to get to the destination. I want to thank you again for the wonderful adventure. For you guys, they come highly recommended.

Upper Mustang Trek



15th Mar, 2022

My Upper Mustang trek in Nepal was expertly organized by Kubindra and the Info Trekking Nepal team. Kubindra always responded promptly, and it was indeed a pleasure to work with him. He had everything already organized for me when I got to Kathmandu.

I was really impressed with Info Trekking Nepal's guide and porters. They took care of everything, including picking me up at the airport, transporting me to the hotel, and picking me up again from the hotel to the airport. 

Besides, Kubindra expertly led the trek and showed constant concern for our health and welfare. The entire team was also incredibly amiable and enjoyable to be around. I can very strongly recommend Info Trekking Nepal for any treks in Nepal.

Upper Mustang Trek



28th Feb, 2022

My party and I successfully finished the upper Mustang trip with Info Trekking Nepal, which was excellent! The managing director of Info Trekking Nepal is really helpful and motivating when it comes to planning our journey and setting up our route.

We felt really safe and secure thanks to our knowledgeable guides and porters, who also took care of everything so we didn't have to worry about a thing.

They were always professional but also had fun. I couldn't have asked for a better trip, and I wouldn't think twice about going back to them. I give them a 10/10 recommendation.

Upper Mustang Trek


United Kingdom

20th Feb, 2022

At the age of 60, my wife and I intended to take another upper Mustang expedition. One of my nieces, who travels and has gone on two treks with them, suggested The Info Trekking Nepal.

After hearing about his interactions with them, we were at a loss for someone else to mention. Our guide, Kubindra, the owner, and all of them were wonderfully attentive and helpful.

The farewell dinner, airport transfer, and all other aspects of the trip exceeded our expectations at every turn. Every day, Kubindra and his team worked very hard to make sure our needs were met.

As a result, Kubindra runs his company with a genuine desire to please his clients. We might be happy that we came across them rather than have to navigate through the website looking for a reputable company.

Everest Panorama View Trek


United States

11th Feb, 2022

Trekking for an extraordinarily low cost with a business that respects the ethics of its guides and places a higher priority on the safety and security of its customers. It was a delight to correspond with Kubindra and his staff because they always gave us immediate answers.

Kubindra responded with the utmost professionalism to every concern our group brought to them, including missed start dates and helicopter evacuations for altitude sickness.

From the beginning to the end, his capable and friendly team took care of us, and our guide was a pleasure to spend time with. Keep up the fantastic work, everyone! I won't think twice about recommending Info Trekking Nepal to anyone.

Upper Mustang Trek


United States

28th Jan, 2022

Trekking for an extraordinarily low cost with a business that respects the ethics of its guides and places a higher priority on the safety and security of its customers. It was a delight to correspond with Kubindra and his staff because they always gave us immediate answers.

Kubindra responded with the utmost professionalism to every concern our group brought to them, including missed start dates and helicopter evacuations for altitude illness.

From the beginning to the end, his capable and friendly team took care of us, and our guide was a pleasure to spend time with. Keep up the fantastic work, everyone! I won't think twice about recommending Info Trekking Nepal to anyone.

Upper Mustang Trek


American Samoa

11th Jan, 2022

The Upper Mustang Trek is my second trek with Info Nepal Trekking. The walk through one of Nepal's eight wonders was amazing. Once more, I traveled with Kubindra and his group. Because of our previous trek together, I have a strong relationship with them.

They are incredibly helpful and dependable travel agents who handle every single aspect, from safety and security to emergency needs. Working with Kubindra is one of the most appealing things because of his personality. He is composed, never freaks out, and deals with uncertainty in a very orderly and careful manner.

Furthermore, he takes his entire duties very seriously. He comes highly recommended to anyone who is unsure about finding a respectable travel agency, and I would definitely go back with him again.

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek



28th Mar, 2019

Nepal's mountains have historically offered exceptional trails and scenery. It was undoubtedly a memorable tour, made by the selection of the best travel companions by Info Trekking Nepal.

Indeed, Mr. Kubindra and his staff did a commendable job. The Ghorepani Poonhill hike is unquestionably the ideal way to get away from the tourist hordes in the city of lakes.

I adored every aspect of this trip, from the pleasure and refreshment we experienced in Pokhara to the short hike into the wilderness and the mountain vista. You guys, the most amazing part of our Ghorepani Poonhill walk was the mountain vista. Sunrises and sunsets are spectacular here. Thanks to InfoTrek Nepal for planning this incredible trip.