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Rara Lake Trek

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People often get confused when question arise about having heaven in earth. Some of the splendid places that exist in this earth prove that paradise does exist in this world. Nepal’s wonderful places are its proof. Among some of the scenic and fairyland places of Nepal Rara Lake area is considered the best. Though the place is less explored the varieties of things like vegetation, water resources, villages and mountains nestling together urged Info Trekking Nepal to create trekking holiday package. Rara Lake Trek is our ambitious project to unravel hidden secrets of less explore western region of Nepal.

Journey of Rara Lake Trek comprises of diversified geographical experience. From Kathmandu trekkers first take a flight to Nepalgunj which is located at flatland (Terai) region of Nepal. It is major industrial city of Nepal bordering India. From this place trekkers head to Jumla and start their walking adventure. Places like Cherechaur, Chalachaur and Sinja Valley are crossed before reaching Rara Lake. The places which are crossed endow amazing rural feeling. The local culture and traditions will definitely attract tourists. From Deuda songs to local dances the rituals and traditions could be gloss on this mesmerizing Trans Himalayan trekking journey. Surrounded by green lush forests and colorful rhododendron trees on hills as well as having quaint snow covered mountains on backdrop resides the blue turquoise lake. Rara Lake is the biggest lake of Nepal in terms of area. Situated within Rara National Park the exotic animals like Himalayan goat, musk deer, goral, black beer and others can be found. It is photographer’s paradise. The untainted beauty of this queen of lake definitely imparts unforgettable memories on your head. The trip returns back to Jumla via Pina and take the same accessibility options back to Kathmandu.

Book the Rara Lake Trek package with us and experience the finest park of Nepal. Strolling around Nepal’s biggest lake and traversing through traditional villages are traits of great walking holiday. The place is within the Great Himalayan Trails and equally showcases beautiful heavenly wonders.

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