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Langtang Region

Langtang Region is comfortably accessible trekking destination of Nepal from Kathmandu. However this place was heavily hit by earthquake of 2015 and claimed lots of properties and lives. People of this region were again hit by Langtang Lirung glacier outbreak. Your mere visit could act as the stepping stone for rebuilding of area. People are rising again and they have already created best environment for trekkers to relish alluring splendors of Langtang surrounding. Teahouses and lodges are open and it is very safe to travel this place. Info Trekking Nepal has forwarded different trekking packages for this region ranging from cultural excursion to Himalayan walking themes of traveling.

Strolling within the Langtang National Park is delightful experience to gain. Abundance of endangered species of wildlife, birds and plants provides nature’s grandeurs. If you are lucky you can encounter the Red Panda too. Pandas are seen in the dense forests of bamboo trees. Monasteries, gompas and chortens will add the spiritual and aesthetic importance of Langtang Region. We have knitted three packages in this area. Langtang Valley Trek which takes trekkers to mystical valley of Langtang and Kyanjin Gompa area is the short trekking route of Nepal. Langtang Valley Gosainkunda Lake Trek is themed with Himalaya and culture. This is also famously known as the Langtang Circuit Trek. Tamang Heritage Trail trekking package is purely socio-cultural excursion. This package focuses in providing rites, traditions and culture of Lama/Moktans/Tamang people. These people are ethnic locals of the region having unique sets of their way of living. Apart from these three trekking packages trekkers can enjoy mini mountaineering experience during Ganjala Pass trekking as well. Choose any trekking packages of this region for the voluntary purpose as well as wilderness adventure experience purpose.

Book any of the trekking packages of Langtang region with us. Your visit would be a charitable event for the people of region to rise again. This is not an ordinary holiday where you will just savor the natural and artificial attractions rather you will touch the heart of people. Info Trekking Nepal would like to urge on behalf of all People of Langtang to visit this place at least once.